After not skipping a workout and eating/lifting properly for 1.5 years, this transformation is crazy!

After not skipping a workout and eating/lifting properly for 1.5 years, this transformation is crazy!

If you really want to achieve great results when it comes to lifting, you need to be consistent like the guy in this story. He had moved to live in the United Kingdom and promptly joined a local 24 hour gym. He told himself that he was no longer going to accept any excuses. No longer would he disregard his diet, he would cut back on the alcohol consumption and would not miss another workout.

It really is an amazing transition after 1.5 years. Having looked like a skinny Weasley family member from Harry Potter, he now looks almost like a professional wrestler. This transformation took a total of 18 months, showing what can be achieved in this length of time. You can check out how exactly he did this with his workouts and diet. At a height of 6’1” and starting at an ultra-thin 137 pounds, he managed to reach 185 pounds in great condition.




I took protein shakes, BCAAs, ZMA, whatever. None of them longer than 2 weeks because I just didn’t dig the shakes. The only supplements I have taken daily and will continue to do so are:

Creatine (3g)


Fish Oil

I feel like that’s all I need, 5 pills when I wake up (multi + fish oil) and 1 scoop of creatine before I go to bed.



8 hours a night, every night. I know and feel sleep is important. My new job requires me to get up at 05:45. This is why I am in bed 21:45 Sunday to Thursday. I religiously sleep 8 hours at least and about 8.5-9 in the weekend.


No alcohol

This is an overstatement, I sure drank some pints in England with my colleagues but only 1 night a week. If I drank Friday, I didn’t drink on Saturday and vice-versa. I barely drink any alcohol nowadays as it just doesn’t taste as good anymore. I used to love drinking beer with my friends but now I just drink water, only water.


Gym Routine:


Stronglifts 5×5

This was a great workout to start with, I did it for 3 months straight, never missing a single workout and gained a lot, the beginning is always fast. In those 3 months I went from 62kg (137lbs) to 70kg (155lbs). I got my bench up to 60kg, deadlift 120kg, row 70kg and OHP 45kg. I was over the moon, I felt stronger, shirts started to fit tighter and people started to notice slightly

Diet: My diet at that time consisted of.. eating a ton of food and whole milk (GOMAD). I didn’t count calories (still don’t) but I always checked what pasta had the most calories, what meat etc. That and the additional 2000kcal I got from drinking 2.5L whole milk a day had me gaining a lot of weight. I stopped doing GOMAD after my skin started to get bad (a lot of pimples) and I had to go to the toilet about every hour.



After feeling fairly strong and done with Stronglifts, I started PHUL. 4 days a week. I did this for about 3 months and again, saw some nice gains. Switching up routines has worked really well for me. After ~3 months I just don’t get sore anymore, so I change workouts and then I do. I did this workout up until like 76kg (167lbs).

Diet: During these 3 months, I again, ate as much as possible. I was completely done with the milk but started taking weight gainer shakes. I bought the Optimum Nutrition one and took one before bed, every night.



After not getting sore anymore from PHUL, I started PHAT. 5 days a week, training hard. I did this for about 4 months and saw decent results. I got up to 80kg (176lbs), my goal weight. You know what happens once you reach your goal? You feel great, but you want more (or at least I do). So the current goal then was (and still is now) 90kg (200lbs).

Diet: Nothing special, still kept up the weight gainer shakes every night and just ate a lot.


Moving back to the Netherlands

My year in England was done, I wanted to move back. It was as if the god Brodin himself wanted me to keep getting gains because in my tiny town, there suddenly was a brand new, shiny 24h gym. This couldn’t be a coincidence.


6 day PPL split

I started with 3 days a week, went up to 4 days a week, moved to 5 days a week so now the most logical next step to me was to go 6 days a week. So I did with this 6 day PPL split. I had been lifting for almost a year now and people told me I looked like I lift.. Achievement Unlocked -> Not looking DYEL anymore, finally. So I did this 6 days a week, again never skipping a workout and religiously going, looking forward to every day.

Diet: Same old, just eat a lot. I moved back with my parents so I don’t decide what’s for dinner anymore… I got tired of the weight gainer shakes so I found something even better. “quark” with wallnuts. I can’t find the direct English word for it but it looks like this, it’s like really thick yoghurt. One 500ml cup with wallnuts contains about 1050kcal and again, I took one before bed, every night.


Lazar Angelov’s workout + Running

I started this workout a month ago, when I was 83kg (182lbs) and I am at the time of writing, 85.5kg (189lbs). This workout is a lot of fun and has muscle group days rather than pull / push days. Which is nice after ~10 months doing PPL. Before starting this workout I took a week off lifting because I had been lifting non stop. I hated not lifting and not going to the gym. Every hour I was thinking about the weights, looking at /r/bodybuilding, images of Steve Cook and Calum von Moger.. After that week I started the workout and man, I got super sore (again)!

Running: So my new job was on the 4th floor, I take the elevator every day because Dom told me cardio kills gainz. I took the stairs “for fun” once and noticed my endurance sucked big time. Since Lazar’s workout is 5 days a week, I got 2 rest days. That’s 1 too much so I started running. Just 5-8km every Sunday.

Diet: Same as with the PPL split, living the quark and wallnuts still.

All of this progress was posted into the Fitness subreddit and it was through the subreddit of brogress that he was continually motivated to stick with his journey. If you want to change your body, this is a great place to check out.

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