Powerlifters & Steroids: THE TRUTH

Powerlifters & Steroids: THE TRUTH


Meet 39 year old and American Professional Powerlifter, Mark Bell (Pictured far left). He lays down some real first hand truth on the topic of steroids from a Powerlifter’s perspective!


Mark’s been using steroids since the age of 25, when theoretically he was in the testosterone prime of his life and doesn’t have a single regret, quoting, “I LOVE THEM!”.



His main point are based around the fact that in an environment, whether that’s bodybuilding or powerlifting, size and strength based respectively… if there is something designed specifically to enhance you and make you better at your chosen field, then why wouldn’t you use it???

Mark: “Rather than ingesting all those weird supplements that the government allows, that nobody really regulates, why not take the real thing?”


Steroids or Supplements: Which is really safer???

Mark claims that the supplement industry isn’t as regulated as it should be, so does this mean supplements are bad for you????

In a highly performance orientated environment, its a given that individuals will see out an advantage by any means necessary, but why is it that most top level pro athletes will push the fact they consume Whey, Creatine, BCAAs, Glutamine and natural testosterone boosters etc. but virtually none of them will admit to using steroids?

What stopping them telling people that they use them??? Is is because in fact they’re the things that are bad for you???

Meet Meg Squats:


Meg is a powerlifter, PT and YouTouber that adopts the stance to refrain from using steroids for fear that they will give her some “less” desirable outcomes for exapmple, increased masculinity, deeper voice etc.

She says… “The problem with steroids is not the product in itself. It’s the lack of regulations. You can never know what you’re taking. It is weird that they’re illegal because it makes the whole process a little shady.

Its a burning issue that needs to be voiced, in that it is vital that you know exactly what you are putting into your body… and as steroids encounter some kind of legality issues in most countries, this pushed the manufacture of them underground in an unregulated environment, therefor you can neer really be sure of what you are buying!


Gym Owner and YouTuber, Alan Thrall (pictured above) also argues another point for option not to use steroids.

He argues that steroids will only allow you to jump to the next level, and would you rather use that jump the the next level to go from beginner to intermediate, or when you’re at the maximum you can naturally reach and be taken to a level that would be unachievable without steroids?

He goes on to say that he feels he has a lot more to give naturally, and that is the primary reason for him not turning the “dark side”.

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