Normal Testosterone Levels In Men and Women - Causes Of Low-T

Normal Testosterone Levels In Men and Women – Causes Of Low-T

Just before we explore the normal testosterone levels in men and women, I want to put something out there.

Have you ever noticed how some people can put on muscle and drop fat without any effort, whereas others have to work damn hard to obtain the same effects?

You agree, right?

And it’s not just about the muscle either. Some people have boundless energy and vitality, and never seem to stop ‘being on the go’. Others find hitting the training a chore, and really need to push themselves to just make it through the damn gym doors!

It’s a common experience.

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Most of the time this is down to one simple chemical. Testosterone. This amazing natural hormone is responsible for so much of our well-being, but often is given very little thought. As testosterone levels vary from person to person – so does our ability to function at our best.

Men and women alike take protein to build muscle, exercise hard to lose the fat and seek vitality bursts through energy drinks.

But listen.

There’s a much simpler answer! Understanding how testosterone works in the body, and taking measures to ensure it is at optimum levels can have unbelievable effects! Addressing your testosterone can lead to muscle gain, fat loss and more energy!

The truth.

Both women and guys who have taken a testosterone levels test are surprised to find that their free testosterone levels pg/ml are much lower than they thought!

Here’s the deal.

In this article I will look at the normal testosterone levels in men and women, discover what this incredible hormone does, and how it functions.

Most importantly I’ll explain how to ensure your testosterone levels (T-levels) are improved and your life will just get better!

Let’s get down to it!

What Is Testosterone?

what is testosterone guide

I’m guessing you’ve already heard of testosterone!

But just before we explore the normal testosterone levels in men and women, I want to briefly kick off with what testosterone actually is.

There might be some surprises!

Testosterone is usually considered to be the male sex hormone, but it is also present in women too! In fact, it’s also found in most vertebrate animals. But for the purposes of this article, I will just stick to men and women! 1

In men, testosterone is produced by the testes (in the leydig cells if you’re interested). If you’re a guy, you probably recall that package of yours getting significantly larger during your teens. Well, testosterone did that.2

There’s more.

Testosterone is also responsible for the ‘typical’ male characteristics: muscle mass, deep voice and body hair.

And for the women?

Well, ladies don’t have testicles!

Instead, testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands, but to a much lesser extent than in males.3

This hormone is equally important for women’s development. It also promotes the growth of the female sexual organs, in particular the clitoris.4

But it’s not all about the sex!

Testosterone is important in both genders for:

  • Bone growth and health 5
  • Muscle gain 6
  • Healthy sex drive 7 8
  • Brain function 9
  • Energy levels 10

As you can see, this hormone is essential for our day to day functions, which is why maintaining healthy levels of testosterone is crucial for men and women.

But there are a couple of small problems.

Firstly, as we age, testosterone levels naturally decline. This means that all the above functions can become somewhat impaired. 

It’s particularly concerning if you are trying to build muscle, as testosterone is the fuel behind muscle growth.11 12

Secondly, women produce much lower levels of testosterone than their male counterparts. On average, the amount of testosterone produced by guys is around eight to nine times higher.

Which means:

Women naturally find it more difficult to build muscle at the same rate as men (assuming similar age and health).

And now down to the detail!

Let’s take a look at how much testosterone guys have, and then the same for the ladies!

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men

To make things simpler in exploring normal testosterone levels in men, take a look at this chart.

normal testosterone levels in men

It’s clear that in guys testosterone levels by age constantly decline after 20 years old, with a alarming drop between the ages of 30-50 years.

Dramatic, yeah?

From the high of 900 ng/dl (nanogram/decilitre) to around 200 ng/dl is an astonishing fall in T-levels.

When we talk about ‘normal testosterone levels for men’, there is really no set figure as naturally these levels vary according to age. However, it is generally assumed the ‘healthy’ normal testosterone levels in males nmol/L is 20.8 (600 ng/dl).13

But it’s not just about age.

Just as some of us are tall, others short, T-levels vary from guy to guy anyway. It’s just genetics.14

Here’s the bottom line.

This variance in T-levels, either through age or genetic disposition, is the reason why some guys get jacked really easily, and other guys work their balls off and see little results. High levels of testosterone are essential!


We are not talking about really old fellas who are retired and claiming their pension here! As soon as you hit your twenties, those testosterone levels are already in decline!

High Testosterone Levels in Men

high testosterone levels in men

As mentioned earlier, we can assume the normal testosterone levels in men are around 600 ng/dl (20.8 nmol/L).

Here’s the key.

A guy having T-levels above 20.8 nmol/L would be above average. Anything over 35 nmol/L is considered high! In fact, it would be edging towards the T-levels of his adolescent years!

And that’s important.

Having high testosterone levels has amazing effects on the male body, including:

  • Enhancing libido 15
  • Improving erections 16
  • Faster muscle building 17
  • Shedding stubborn fat 18
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improving mood 19
  • Preventing obesity 20

When you think about it, it makes sense.

I’m guessing if you’re a guy, you were pretty much like me in your teenage years.

You had boundless energy, eager to hit the bedroom action as much as possible and always looking on the bright side of things! Not only that, but you were able to eat as much as you wanted without piling on the pounds and able to gain muscle easily.

Then those T-levels dropped and it all became a lot harder!

Low Testosterone In Men

testosterone booster benefits

Although having above normal testosterone levels in men is advantageous, the opposite can have dramatic effects too.

We have already seen that age or genetic differences can affect T-levels, but many of our daily life choices can also lower that testosterone.

These include:


When the body is stressed it releases cortisol, sometimes called the ‘stress hormone’. Cortisol is proven to reduce levels of testosterone in the body.21

Be like a zen master!


We all like a cold one (or two) every now and again, but don’t overdo it!

Knocking back too many of those ice-cold beverages can make those T-levels drop.22

Junk Food

A close up of a sandwich on a plate

Keeping a healthy diet isn’t just about making sure the pounds don’t pile on!

It has been shown that eating junk food lowers testosterone.23

All the above can lead to low testosterone levels, which is considered to be around 10 nmol/L (300 ng/dl)

The downsides of low T-levels include:

  • Difficulty building muscle
  • Obesity
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Low sperm count 24
  • Declining strength 25
  • Weakening bones
  • Erectile Dysfunction 26

Ensuring healthy and normal testosterone levels in men, or indeed above normal, is absolutely essential.

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Normal Testosterone Levels In Women

A woman wearing a swim suit

So enough about the guys! What about the women?

As I have already mentioned in this normal testosterone levels in men and women article, just like the guys, women’s T-levels drop with age too.


Women’s T-levels are naturally lower than men. They don’t need to create sperm, grow a beard or have a deep voice!

So don’t be shocked about the numbers in a second. But, it is worth bearing this in mind. Since female T-levels are lower compared to men, small increases can have incredible and impressive effects – without turning you into a guy!

Here’s the facts.

The average normal testosterone levels in females are around 1.7 nmol/L (as opposed to 20.8 nmol/L for a guy). If this T-level drops to below 0.6 nmol/L, this is considered low and can have unpleasant consequences.

It can lead to:

  • Lack of sex drive 27
  • Depression 28
  • Osteoporosis 29
  • Heart Disease 30
  • Anemia 31

These symptoms can all be attributed to T-levels dropping too low, either through age or lifestyle.

But it’s not all bad news!

If female testosterone levels nmol/L are high (above 2.4 nmol/L), not only does this rapidly decrease the chances of developing the above problems, but can also have phenomenal positive effects too!

Let me explain.

By naturally increasing T-levels within the female body, the following effects have been proven:

Boosts Energy

Testosterone improves the utilization of glucose within the body. This can lead to increased energy levels.32

What’s more, testosterone has been shown to both prevent and alleviate depression in females. A happy girl is a more energized girl! 33

Increases Strength

Just as for guys, elevated levels of testosterone have been proven to increase strength in females.

Bones, skeletal muscles and stamina levels were all shown to improve. 34

Sheds Fat

An apple sitting on top of a wooden table

Some studies have shown that raising testosterone levels can assist in dropping unwanted fat. 35

So here’s the deal.

For women not just looking to remain healthy, but also generally wanting to look awesome, elevated testosterone levels are extremely important.

Strength increases, muscles are built and fat is dropped. What’s more, mood is improved so there’s more chance of hitting the gym or going for that run!

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How to Increase Testosterone Levels

Getting those normal testosterone levels in men and women raised is going to have many positive results, whether it is just keeping the body healthy or getting that physique in awesome shape.

There are numerous easy ways of keeping those T-levels in top form, which include:

  • Staying calm – As already shown in this normal testosterone levels in men and women article, getting stressed lowers testosterone.
  • Watch your vitamin D – Either get out in the sunshine or take a supplement, it’s nature’s own way of boosting those hormones.
  • Don’t eat junk – Healthy eating promotes testosterone.
  • Sleep well – Guys and girls who get a proper night’s sleep will see those T-levels rise. 36
  • Exercise – Working out, especially resistance training has been proven to increase testosterone. 37

But, I am also going to let you into a secret!

The above lifestyle changes will no doubt benefit those T-levels, but if you want to get a serious T-boost, there is an answer.

Here we go!

Testosterone boosters are natural supplements which work in harmony with the body to produce more of the amazing hormone. These supplements are not steroids and have none of the awful side-effects.

Get this.

By using natural and proven ingredients, these T-boosters rocket that hormone production into overdrive. Just by taking a couple of capsules per day, the body begins to produce more testosterone. You are not injecting it direct into the system like steroids, just encouraging your body to naturally make more.

The result?

Stronger bones, better mood, improved brain function and more energy. But here’s the bonus. If you are working out, trying to build muscle and drop the fat, these supplements are invaluable.

Serious gym junkies who have used these incredible products have seen their results go stratospheric. And fast!

But be warned.

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normal testosterone levels testosterone boosters

These awesome and respected supplement contains natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to get T-levels raised, without any side effects.

Get your testosterone sorted! The results will blow your mind!


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