Nolvadren XT Review - Can the Ingredients Really Cause A Gyno?

Nolvadren XT Review – Can the Ingredients Really Cause A Gyno?

This Nolvadren XT review could change the way you look at testosterone boosters, so get ready for this!

But just before we get down to the ‘meat’, let me say something.

We all want more, right? Damn, it’s why we started bodybuilding in the first place!

We want more strength, increased muscle mass, and a massively defined physique to separate us from the ‘normal’ guys. In addition, we look for ways to push it even further!

Not only do we workout like animals, but we watch our diet too. We knock back the protein and take supplements to give us that edge.

You’re with me on that yeah?

Well you probably know that guys have been pushing themselves even further by taking testosterone boosters. Myself included.

These amazing supplements have resulted in guys gaining muscle like crazy, pushing their energy to the absolute limits, and pressing like absolute monsters.

And the good news?

Many of the serious testosterone boosters work through using natural ingredients that are not only proven effective but are 100% safe with no side effects.

But not all T-boosters are like that!

In this Nolvadren XT review, I will give you the detail on this T-booster. You will discover what it is, how it works, what the ingredients are and importantly if there are any side effects!

Trust me, this is not a standard testosterone booster!

You don’t want to miss this!

Nolvadren XT Review

nolvadren xt

Let’s start this Nolvadren XT review with a few basics.

Warning! Dear Nolvadren XT reader: Click here to see why this booster did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Test Boosters.

Nolvadren XT is both manufactured and marketed by MAN Sports. Based in Texas, these guys are well known in bodybuilding circles for the variety of supplements they retail.

Here’s the good news.

MAN Sports is a respectable company with a comprehensive website. This is not a here today gone tomorrow outfit, which can be quite common in the supplement scene.

There’s more.

MAN Sports say they manufacture the product themselves, it is not outsourced. They also create the product in ‘micro-batches’, i.e. small runs to ensure that the product quality is not compromised.

All good so far!

But, Nolvadren XT is not your typical testosterone booster.

Let me explain.

Nolvadren XT does make all the normal claims of the many T-boosters you see on the market: testosterone is boosted, muscle is built and fat is dropped.

But there is a difference.

Nolvadren is marketed mainly as a post cycle therapy supplement (PCT). Basically it is designed to restore hormonal balance after a period when testosterone production has been limited.

Usually, but not always, after a steroid cycle has been completed.

This can lead to testosterone being diminished and therefore needing to be rebuilt. This prevents ‘female’ traits appearing and promotes muscle gain.


I do not condone the use of steroids. It is possible that testosterone can be suppressed through natural supplementation too. And, this product may work simply as a T-booster to help build muscle and shed fat.

But overall, it claims to be a PCT.

Nolvadren XT promises it will:

  • Boost testosterone production
  • Prevent estrogen creation and function
  • Control the effects of cortisol

So the important question in this Nolvadren XT review, is it right for you?

Who Should Use Nolvadren XT?

nolvadren XT review

As a potent supplement, this product is not for everyone. I want to make clear in this Nolvadren XT review that it’s specifically designed for guys who:

  • Have just finished a cycle which has left testosterone low
  • Are looking to build muscle mass
  • Are strict in following instructions – don’t exceed the recommended dose on this one!
  • Want to shed fat
  • Are in competition – but be careful as some ingredients, although legal, are banned from competition use
  • Do not mind using laboratory enhanced ‘natural’ supplements
  • Are experienced in supplementation and understand how hormones affect the body

Guys listen.

There is natural and there is ‘natural’. Nolvadren is perfectly legal, and its ingredients occur within the human body. But this is not purely plant and herb extracts.


As you will see later in this Nolvadren XT review, it is a product which needs to be taken with caution.

Who Should Not Use Nolvadren XT?

Nolvadren XT is not designed for:

  • Guys who can rack up muscle and shed fat with no effort – you have enough testosterone
  • Guys under 18
  • Anyone with joint issues – as I will explain later, it could make it worse
  • Gym newbies – learn to use the equipment and develop a training regime before supplementation
  • Vegans – it may contain milk, eggs and shellfish
  • Armchair bodybuilders

As I mentioned earlier in this Nolvadren XT review, this product is designed for the serious gym junkie. With any testosterone booster, if you are not willing to put in the work, this supplement will have no effect at all.

How Does Nolvadren XT Work?

When researching for this Nolvadren XT review, it was good to see that MAN Sports were clear in the workings of this supplement.

Here are the main functions:

Boosts Testosterone

The majority of testosterone in your body is ‘bound’. It’s tied like handcuffs to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Whilst it is attached, it is difficult for it to have any effective bodybuilding effects.

Nolvadren frees up this testosterone, enabling your body to put it to use! 1

Inhibits Aromatase

It’s not all about the testosterone!

We all have the female hormone estrogen in our bodies. It’s essential for healthy bones and brain function.

Here’s how it works.

As we don’t have ovaries, us guys cannot produce estrogen directly. Instead, the only way it can be formed is by converting testosterone into estrogen, and the enzyme which does this is aromatase.2

But here’s the issue.

As conversion from testosterone occurs, the T-levels naturally drop and estrogen increases. This imbalance can lead to characteristics of belly fat, man boobs and lack of strength.

The bottom line.

Nolvadren inhibits aromatase function, ensuring that the testosterone-estrogen balance is kept in order.

Blocks Cortisol

After a bulking cycle, especially after taking steroids (don’t), cortisol is increased.

Not only can this hormone leave you feeling tired with little energy to hit the gym, it can push you into a catabolic state (i.e. you lose muscle).3

Here’s the key.

Nolvadren inhibits cortisone from being converted into the muscle shedding hormone cortisol. All the hard effort you put into getting totally jacked will not be wasted.

As you can see guys, this testosterone boosting formulation works in one area, hormones. Whether it is boosting testosterone, inhibiting estrogen or blocking cortisol.

That’s a lot of hormone interference.

Nolvadren XT Ingredients

nolvadren xt ingredients

I hope you’ve got your scientific head on for this part of the Nolvadren XT review!

Here’s the ingredient details:


This is an aromatase inhibitor. It works by attaching itself permanently to aromatase, in effect preventing it from functioning.

This means that testosterone is not converted into estrogen, T-levels remain stable and unwanted female hormones are not generated.4

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

Found in leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, this ingredient can inhibit the action of estrogen within the body.

No man-boobs or loss of muscle gain!

However, some studies have concluded it can reduce fertility and quality of sperm.5


Inhibits the production of cortisol, ensuring that hard-earned muscle bulk is not lost.6

Although it is perfectly legal, for many competition purposes this ingredient is banned.7


Regulates cortisol levels and increases levels of free testosterone.8

Which means:

Any gains which you have made will not be lost, and more testosterone is surging around your body.

Let me be honest guys.

This method of testosterone control is quite invasive and requires a perfect balance. It is easy to see that estrogen could easily become reduced by way too much.

But get this.

There is an easier and safer approach which simply puts testosterone production into overdrive, and then maintains a healthy balance of the hormone.

In a powerful and all-natural testosterone booster, I would be looking for the ingredients below. This is how Nolvadren XT performs:

  • ✘D-aspartic acid
  • ✘Vitamin D-3
  • ✘Fenugreek
  • ✘Zinc
  • ✘Vitamin B6
  • ✘Vitamin B2
  • ✘Selenium
  • ✘Vitamin B5
  • ✘Ginseng
  • ✘Tribulus Terrestris
Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.

As you can see, Nolvadren XT works through a completely different method.

Maybe Nolvadren XT is effective, but is this technique recommended?

Nolvadren XT Side Effects

As I mentioned earlier in this Nolvadren XT review, this is a supplement which should not be taken lightly.

Since it interferes in three different ways with your hormones, it has to be treated with a lot of respect. So above all, only take the recommended dosage.

But there’s more.

There have been significant side effects reported from using this supplement, including:

  • Upset stomachs
  • Depression
  • Joint pain
  • Dark urine
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Kidney pain

It’s quite a list for an over-the-counter legal supplement.

The largest complaints came from guys experiencing joint pain, or joint ‘dryness’. It’s thought that this comes from the inhibition of estrogen which is essential for healthy bone and joint function.

Be warned.

There is some evidence that long-term estrogen deficiency can cause osteoarthritis.9

Nolvadren XT Before After Results

Any supplement is all about the results right?

For this Nolvadren XT review I read as many customer testimonials on Nolvadren XT bodybuilding forums as possible to get a good overview of how this product performs.

I did however avoid the reviews on the Nolvadren XT website!

Here is a fair example of what guys have been saying:

“It took about two weeks to start feeling the effects, but after that I can definitely feel a big difference in libido, harder/more energetic workouts


Helped builds Lean Mass and improved endurance. Stacked this with other supplements and Test levels were up 18% after first 14 days.”


“I am 44 yrs old and this product helped me achieve getting my six pack back before my 45th birthday.

Randy Acosta

Waste of money! Can i get that 100% money back guarantee? This stuff gave me gyno!!”


“Two bottles already, no results whatsoever. I do not recommend this product.”


On retail websites, the balance is 60% in favor of the product, on bodybuilding forums it is more a 50/50 split.

So in general, it seems the product works for some and not for others. The main Nolvadren XT before after positive results appears to be increased energy and more definition.

The negatives range from no effect at all, Nolvadren XT gyno and the side effects listed above.

The bottom line.

It’s a product that may yield results, but are the side effects worth it?

Where to Buy Nolvadren XT?

Nolvadren XT is available from the official MAN Sports website. It is also available to buy from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and the Nolvadren XT Vitamin Shoppe page.

Nolvadren XT Review Conclusion

nolvadren xt review

Nolvadren XT is a testosterone booster designed for guys looking for a post therapy cycle supplement.

Our #1 recommendations is TestoGen. Click here to read our TestoGen Review

Here’s the good stuff.

It’s made by an established and reputable company known for producing some effective bodybuilding supplements. These guys are probably not going to disappear overnight.

Nolvadren XT ingredients are also scientifically proven. They can free up bound testosterone, inhibit estrogen and reduce the effects of cortisol. All excellent when looking to boost those T-levels.

And reassuringly:

Unlike many trash supplements, it clearly lists all the ingredients with their dosages, so you know exactly what you are taking.

But I am not entirely convinced.

The ingredients, whilst effective, need to be considered carefully before taking Nolvadren XT.

As previously mentioned in this Nolvadren XT review, some of its contents are banned under certain competition rules. So if that’s your thing, be careful of testing positive!


Results from customers are pretty mixed, it works for some and not for others. There is no consensus that it’s a worthwhile product. Other T-boosters on the market have much more overwhelmingly positive reviews.

But here’s my main concern.

There are a lot of unpleasant side effects that have been reported using this product. Hitting your entire hormone system that hard could take its toll.

My advice.

Look for a proven, safe and powerful testosterone booster which contains the ingredients I listed earlier. That way, your testosterone will definitely be boosted, your training results will go through the roof, and most importantly you will not suffer any health implications.

It’s a no-brainer!

Nolvadren XT FAQ

“How to Take Nolvadren XT?”

The Nolvadren XT dosage is two capsules in the morning with your first meal.

Use for no longer than eight weeks followed by a four week break. The website does suggest a Nolvadren XT stack with their other products.

And seriously,

Do not exceed the dosage!

“How Much Does Nolvadren XT Cost?”

One bottle (one month’s supply) costs $49.99.

“Is Nolvadren XT Safe?”

Many guys have reported side effects after using this product. If you do decide it is right for you, please check with your health practitioner should you suffer any adverse effects.

Where Can You Buy Nolvadren XT?”

In addition to the official website, Nolvadren is also available from Nolvadren XT Amazon, eBay, Walmart and the Vitamin Shoppe.

“Does Nolvadren XT Really Work?”

Although the supplement does contain proven ingredients, results are mixed. It appears it works for some guys and not for others.

Personally I would look for a testosterone booster with much better customer testimonials.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

The official MAN Sports website offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you buy it elsewhere, check with the individual seller.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Nolvadren XT Before Seeing Results?

Some guys have reported seeing a change in their physique and energy after four weeks. Other guys have taken the supplement for three months and experienced no results at all.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

If you purchase from the official MAN Sports website they ship worldwide. However, shipping and taxes may vary between countries.



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