Nitrocut Review: Nitric Oxide Pre-Workout For Muscle Pumps

Nitrocut Review: Nitric Oxide Pre-Workout that Boosts Muscle Pumps

Nitrocut Review Introduction

nitrocut review does it workI’m sure a lot of you guys have found yourself walking into the gym feeling tired, particularly if you go in the evening after a long day at the office. The gym is crowded, you have a lot on your mind and the PA system is blasting Taylor Swift – basically a perfect storm for a bad workout. Then it happens – you yawn. Workout ruined. Fortunately, a huge portion of the supplement market is dedicated to releasing products designed specifically to avoid the above situation. These pre-workout products are specifically designed to get your energy-level up and provide a boost to your strength and stamina not to mentioned better blood-flow so you can get those sick pumps. The demand for these types of products has grown so much, in fact, that there are now literally hundreds of them out there with new ones released daily it seems. Obviously trying to try them all on your own would be nearly impossible (and very expensive) so today we are going to review one of the more popular options out there – Nitrocut.

In order to provide the best pre-workout buzz possible, Nitrocut focuses on four areas:

  • Producing Nitric Oxide – to get better pumps at the gym
  • Boosting Testosterone Levels – to build muscle faster
  • Increasing Stamina – more energy to kill your workout
  • Cutting Fat – reveal those hard earned muscles

To really prove that that’s what this product does, we reached out to the supplement creator, who sent us 4 bottles of Nitrocut to help us with this review.

Nitrocut Ingredients

A lot of nitric oxide pre-workout supplements justify their premium price by throwing in A LOT of ingredients that you are, quite frankly, not looking for. Ingredients like Creatine might be helpful for bodybuilders but they can be taken separately so that trainees can evaluate the quality of the product they are consuming. Nitrocut doesn’t include anything you don’t need not to mention they have gone out of their way to avoid using stimulants with questionable side-effects.nitrocut review and ingredients

Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris and Longfolia – we’ve already discussed how fenugreek boost testosterone levels but with the other ingredients the effect is only amplified! As we know, high testosterone levels are linked to more energy and aggressiveness – a perfect combination for a solid workout.

A-KIC, A-AKG, L-Aginine and L-Citruline – look we understand you probably think we are making these ingredients up at this point, but they are listed on the label and have been clinically proven to boost Nitric Oxide production which supports muscle growth and gives you better pumps at the gym. As a result leads to improved gym performance. If you don’t believe us, just Google it brah.

Vitamins D3, B6 and B12 – These vitamins help improve your bone density which will help prevent any injuries and actually boost your strength and endurance! Additionally, Vitamin D3 has been linked with high testosterone levels in countless studies!

Rasberry Ketones – Helps give you that more shredded look by focusing on burning fat cells and boosting your metabolism.

Avena Stativa – This supplement is actually an extract of Oat straw and has been shown to increase libido and overall energy levels.

When working together, these ingredients provide great synergies for a very powerful pre-workout supplement. It will have you feeling more energetic throughout the day without the crash that comes with a lot of energy boosters, not to mention it will help improve your gains at the gym. We like the variety of ingredients found in Nitro Cut as trying to get them all through individual supplements would be far more expensive and would have you consuming 20 pills a day! One simple pre-workout is a lot easier – or at least we think so!

Check out detailed ingredients list on their official website:

Our Results Using Nitrocut

In the first week I was noticing that in the gym I was experiencing insane pumps! My muscles have never been so full and in my second week I noticed that I was seeing more of my abs than before. I’ve always been in good shape but my abs were definitely a bit harder.

In the 3rd week I was experiencing the greatest pumps I’ve ever had, in arms day it felt like my biceps wer about to explode. Like Arnold used to say: “Pumping in the gym is better than cumming” and the pumps I was getting were absolutely mind-blowing. My muscles were also a lot harder in and out of the gym and I was beginning to get stronger as well. I was breaking through plateaus in the bench press and deadlift.

After taking this supplement for couple of months (combined with my intense diet and training regime) I could feel that my muscles were a lot harder and fuller. Most of my belly fat was gone and after the three months I had went from benching 220lbs to a whopping 270 lbs, all my training partners were blown away. They didn’t understand  how I was making so much gains.

What impressed me the most was that overall I weighed the same after the three months and there’s a good reason for it. My body-fat percentage had dropped from 18% to 10% and instead of the weight lost I had gained muscle instead! I look bigger, I am bigger, I am more fit and a lot stronger! I’m happy with the results and I will continue lifting heavy, eating smart and taking Nitrocut. I’m so happy with the results that I’ve just got myself the buy 4 get 2 free package.

See more testimonials on their official website:

Pros and cons


  • Great plateau breaker – I was a lot stronger
  • Better pumps – I’ve never experienced so great pumps in the gym
  • Higher T-levels – More testosterone production = more muscle growth
  • Only premium, scientifically proven ingredients – does not fill product with unwanted ingredients
  • Lower body fat – My muscles felt harder and my unwanted fat was mostly gone

As with all products there is always room for improvement and Nitrocut is no exception.


  • Not available in stores – you can only get it from their official website
  • The pills smell nasty – I always kept the lid closed
  • Premium pricing – although you can save a lot by buying the six month package

Nitrocut vs. The Competition

There are a lot of popular pre-workout products on the market including Force Factor, C4, NO Xplode, Jack3d and Nitrix. While these are all solid products with a ton of positive reviews to back them up, what really differentiates NitroCut from the pack is that it contains ingredients specifically designed to boost testosterone levels in the body. Using this product will not only give you energy but also increased muscle mass and better endurance. For those who are cutting, or bulking and not wanting to put on too much fat, NitroCut will help you burn away fat and keep your metabolism high.

As mentioned earlier, Nitro Cut does not contain any stimulants or other unnatural additives. As a result, you will avoid a lot of the side effects associated with other products. That means no tingling, no crashing and no upset stomach. All you get here is great performance-enhancing benefits!

For those looking to buy some, unfortunately it’s not carried by most health food retailers. Fortunately, thanks to Al Gore and his wonderful invention, the internet, you can purchase it from the company’s official website. They sell in all sorts of quantities – from sample sizes all the way up to 6 tubs, so if you don’t want to take our word for it and would rather try it for yourself you won’t have to commit to a large purchase. But please note that the more you purchase, the less you pay per serving size – not to mention the shipping costs work out to much less. As a result, we recommend buying in bulk both to save money and so that you never have to go workout without it!

See exactly how Nitrocut works in their detailed How It Works explanation page.

Pricing and Shipping


1 Month supply:  $54.99 

1 bottle
+ Free shipping in USA

Tier 2 package: $111.00 ($37.00 each)

2 bottles – You save $55
+ 1 Free Bottle (3 months total)
+ Free shipping in USA

Best Selling Package: $210 ($35.00 each)

4 bottles – You save $119
+ 2 Free Bottles (6 months total)
+ Free shipping in USA
+ Free fitness e-book worth $47

Nitrocut is made and kept in stock in USA. All orders are sent out with USPS with tracking information, tracking information usually comes available after 48 hours. They ship internationally and you can only order from their website 


Q: Are there any side-effects?

A: No, there aren’t any adverse side-effects from using Nitrocut

Q: How long does it take to work?

A: You’ll experience greater pumps soon but to fully benefit from taking Nitrocut you should be patient with the product.

Q: Is it safe for vegetarians?

A: Yes, the capsules are vegetarian friendly.

Q: Where is it manufactured?

A: Nitrocut is Made in USA at a GMP certified, FDA approved manufacturing facility.

Q: Will I fail a drug test?

A: No, you won’t. It does not contain any illegal ingredients. Doesn’t matter if you’re a athlete, police or army. You won’t fail a drug test.


This concludes our Nitrocut review so if you are reading this paragraph, that means you either made it through the entire review (good for you, we’re happy to say you aren’t totally ADD yet) or you just skipped to this point looking for a quick recommendation. So for the latter group let me re-assure you that this is a solid product and we highly recommend it. We’ve used it ourselves and noticed increased stamina, better pumps, more energy and better overall results. Given all the benefits Nitrocut produces for us, the price is well worth it in our opinion and should be a staple in any bodybuilders supplement cupboard. If you have never used a nitric oxide pre-workout supplement before, check out Nitrocut as it might be just what you are looking for. As for those with a pre-workout supplement they already use regularly, switching to Nitrocut might be a good move if you aren’t totally satisfied with the pumps you’re having already.

Check them out at

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