Never Eat Less Than 6 Meals Per Day, Or This Happens:

Never Eat Less Than 6 Meals Per Day, Or This Happens:

You’ve probably heard countless of times that you need to eat 6 meals per day and not any less?

Why is that?

Some people claim it has some magical effects on the metabolism.

They could not be more wrong.

However there are other reasons why you should aim for 6 meals and it has nothing to do with the metabolism.

After reading this article you will probably never eat less than 6 meals a day again.

The benefits of eating 6 times are just solid and you will be able to stay on your diet much longer.

In this article we will discuss why you need 6 meals and what tactics you can use to boost your metabolism and lose more fat.


Will Eating 6 Meals Per Day Instead of 3 Boost Metabolism?

Eating six meals per day seems to be a staple of bodybuilding at fitness enthusiasts.

However, as it turns out there is actually no solid evidence that eating so many small meals actually increases your metabolism.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go back to skipping breakfast and eating a huge lunch and dinner.

As it turns out there are a lot of other benefits to eating many small deals particularly for those looking to shed fat and manage illnesses such as diabetes.

Frequent Small Meals Prevent Overeating

It might sound counter-intuitive that eating more frequently will cause you to consume fewer calories, but hear us out.

Typically, people wake up in the morning and eat breakfast however they do not eat again until lunch and then not again until dinner.

As you can see that leaves a huge gap in between meals.

When it does finally come time for your next meal you are far more likely to overeat given that hunger has had so much time to build up.

However, if you eat frequent meals throughout the day you don’t feel the need to throw down tons of food because you know you will be eating again soon.

Also, a lot of people tend to eat junk food between meals because they are hungry and haven’t really prepared anything.

If you plan to eat 6 meals per day you can decide in advance what you will be eating so you don’t end up eating something you later regret.

This Is What You Need To Know

Did you know why some people get fat?

Even though they eat the same exact things as the ripped person next to them, they are still fat!

It’s because they have a slow metabolism.

What that means is that they burn fewer calories throughout they day.

If you are fat it may not be your fault.

You should blame your slow metabolism.

To fix this problem you should increase your metabolic rate(metabolism)

I am fat and my metabolism is slow what can I do?

Keep eating healthy, keep exercising regularly and increase your metabolic rate!

You increase your metabolic rate by consuming ingredients that boost your metabolism.

A lot of the best fat burners on the market contain these ingredients.

See our fat burner guide here and how they increase your metabolic rate.

Planning for Healthier Meals

Although you are eating more frequently, most people who eat six meals per day tend to consume fewer calories as the meals are quite small.

For example, a typical lunch for someone eating three meals per day might be a sandwich, yogurt, muffin and granola bar.

However, for someone eating six meals per day just a sandwich might be enough.

Therefore, over the course of the day they end up consuming fewer calories despite the fact that they are eating more often.

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