Why You Should Never Eat Carbs Before Training If You Want To Lose Fat

Why You Should Never Eat Carbs Before Training If You Want To Lose Fat

If you are currently on a cut, eating carbohydrates before hitting the gym is something you absolutely want to avoid.

In fact, consuming carbs right before heading to the gym is one of the most effective ways to ensure you DON’T burn fat during your workout.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Guys opening up a granola bar or peeling a banana right before working out.

We cringe every time because we know they are just shooting themselves in the foot.

Try and explain to them why they are making a mistake and they don’t believe you.

They think what they are doing is actually helping!

The reason people do this is because they do a quick search online and read some article that says you need to eat before working out.

If not, you won’t have energy to perform at your highest level.

The problem is that this is simply outdated information.

In fact, it’s not even targeted towards bodybuilders – it’s for people training for endurance events like marathons.

For those who are training for a sport then go ahead and have your carb-heavy snack before hitting the gym.

If, however, you are someone who wants to get rid of that stubborn body fat then it’s definitely not advice you want to follow.


Why You Don’t Need to Eat before Lifting

Most of these self-proclaimed gurus that tell you that you need to eat before working out don’t have much of a convincing argument.

They will say weird things like “training on an empty stomach is like driving without gas”.

The problem with ridiculous analogies like this is that humans and cars are completely different – and your car isn’t trying to get six pack abs.

You see, your body doesn’t rely on one single fuel source like a car does (or two if you are driving a hybrid).

In fact, if your body doesn’t have any food in its system it can actually create its own energy source!

However, when you consume carbs you are basically telling your body to “use these” as energy rather than creating its own energy by breaking down stored body fat.

Your body won’t use energy sources in the order they came in – that means that if you ate something recently it will use that as energy rather than the body fat that has been sitting around your midsection for years.

It’s pretty easy to explain why your body does this.

Why would it go through all the trouble of breaking down body fat to create energy when it has perfectly good carbs that are ready to use?

Using All the Tricks in the Book

When we go to the gym and lift weights we are essentially tricking our body into growing.

Remember that our bodies don’t want to change – they are happy staying the same way they are.

So, the same way we trick our body in the gym we also want to trick our body when it comes to nutrition.

You essentially want to get your body using stored bodyfat as energy rather than carbs you consumed.

When you avoid eating carbs before working out your metabolism will actually increase because it is working hard to break down all that stored body fat for fuel.

Now, making this adjustment can be tough at first if you are used to consuming tons of carbs pre-workout.

Expect your first few workouts to be sloppy.

Keep the metabolism turbocharged

Remember how we mentioned your body is happy with the status quo?

As it begins to notice you are consuming less calories and doing more exercise it will adjust the metabolism downwards to compensate.

This can be frustrating – you are making great progress on your cut then all of a sudden you hit a wall!

You think to yourself “where was this resistance to change when I was putting on all that fat?”

This is why the idea of tricking your body is so important.

Doing fasted cardio is one way as it forces your body to use fat as fuel.

However, if you want to really improve your performance try taking a fat burner.

These products are designed to help you get over some of the most common hurdles that you face when on a cut.

First, they reduce your appetite.

When you aren’t getting enough food to maintain your current weight your brain will send hunger signals to the body.

This makes us crave more unhealthy food that is high in calories.

However, a high-quality fat burner will actually reduce those hunger pangs thereby reducing your likelihood of shoveling tons of processed food down your throat.

Second, they boost your metabolism.

Remember when we said your body adjusts metabolism downwards to stop from having to break down body fat for fuel?

A high-quality fat burner will be loaded with ingredients that are proven to fire up your metabolism.

As a result, your body keeps on burning that body fat and you keep getting more shredded.

Finally, fat burners will boost your energy levels.

When trying to work out on an empty stomach you will have a harder time generating as much energy as you used to.

However, with a fat burner you will get a nice energy boost which will help you push right through!

See our complete guide on the best fat burners on the market here.

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