Difference Between Natural Bodybuilding And Steroids

Natural vs. Steroids – How Fake Naturals Have F*cked Up Your Muscle Building Expectations

The age old question. How much muscle can I build naturally, without the use of steroids? Well, the answer isn’t simple since we do not have the same genetics. But the main fundamental principles remain the same for most of us. Watch the video below where Omar Isuf tries to explain what the actual natural limit of muscle building is.evolution of bodybuilders

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3 thoughts on “Natural vs. Steroids – How Fake Naturals Have F*cked Up Your Muscle Building Expectations”

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    tell this guy to get over himself this is ridiculous there are genetic limits just because you don’t see the results that you want as quickly as you want it you bash on people with aesthetic bodies, half natty thats the most retarded thing i have ever heard in my life. talking about incentives of using steroids look at this guy making an ass of himself I’m way more aesthetic than this clown and i have never used steroids. stop being mad about your genetic situation and get out there and grind for what you want instead of comparing yourself to other people and bitching about how people using steroids are ruining the sport. if you want to prove that steroids are bad talk about the health effects and how its not beneficial instead of creating a video about you bitching about limits that you created to your own relative thought. there are no limits shoot for the stars and you’ll land somewhere in between and where you end off is going to show how badly you wanted it and how much effort you were willing to put in and that will prove to the world that you don’t need steroids not bitching about others cheating. get over yourself this pisses me off

    1. Avatar

      “there are no limits shoot for the stars”

      ^ Actually bud there are limits. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that anything is possible naturally and that if you just applied maximum effort and grind it out you’ll somehow end up at the top. It doesn’t work that way.

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