Natural Bodybuilder Tim Muriello Gives His #1 Advice To Gain Muscle

Natural Bodybuilder Tim Muriello Gives His #1 Advice To Gain Muscle

Natural Bodybuilder, fitness, and supplement expert Tim Muriello has been a natural bodybuilder his whole life.

Being natural is a lot harder than being enhanced, that hasn’t stopped Tim Muriello from pursuing his career as a natural bodybuilder.

Tim has completed over 20 times in natural bodybuilding competitions and has been one of the biggest guys on stage.

He has also competed in powerlifting and strongman.

Tim is a muscular dude and has excellent numbers in the three big lifts 650 lbs deadlift, 600 lbs squat, and 405 lbs bench press.

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Tim is also the face of the Illpumpyoup supplement store and has been making videos of their YouTube channel for years.

Tim Muriello also launched his own supplement company called Spazmatic supplements.

In a video he posted on his youtube channel, he revealed the method he uses to be one of the biggest natural competitive bodybuilders.

Tim talks about fake natty in the industry and says that many guys are using steroids, even in natural shows.

He said that even he was competing against steroid users in most of his natural shows, he could still out mass them.

Tim has a very controversial method of building mass, and not everyone agrees with it.

This advice is for natural bodybuilders trying to gain as much mass as possible; I would say this. I’ve done 20 bodybuilding shows, I did all of my bodybuilding shows completely natural which means I didn’t take testosterone, Winstrol, growth hormone, nothing, I took none of that stuff bro. Looking back, I wish I didn’t do 20 bodybuilding shows. When I did those shows, I was always one of the bigger natural bodybuilders; if you know some people that know me on social media, people that have competed with me, They will tell you: Tim yea backstage he is one of the biggest natural bodybuilders, I’ve always had tons and tons of great muscle mass compared to other natural bodybuilders backstage with me. I’m going to tell you why; I’m going to tell you how I got so big as a natural bodybuilder that a lot of people didn’t think I wasn’t natural. This was my trick: I basically got fat in the offseason; listen to me, natural bodybuilders, you have to be extra careful with what you eat to stay lean, right? When you are shredding, you have to have the most scientific training program, and you have to do everything you can to gain muscle but listen, all you all natural bodybuilders want to stay shredded year-round because you are “natural”. I see you guys , I see these people they got six pack year round and their physique never changes. Let me tell you something if you would just go through a season, to a point where you maby don’t see your abs, you are handling extra heavy weights, you are getting strong as crap, you are operating with these heavy weights which is helping you gain tons of muscle, you are little bit more flexible on your diet because you are eating, eating and eating the right amount of calories, the right amount of macronutrients and guess what you are keeping your body and putting your body in a favorable anabolic situation and environment

Tim Muriello’s Greatest Piece of Advice for natural lifters (video)

Watch the video below where Tim explains his most significant piece of advice for natural lifters wanting to put on more size.

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