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10 Muscle Building Tricks from Pro Bodybuilders 90% of Lifters Don’t use

If you have been training for some time now, you may already know how hard it is to put on quality muscle size once you have already finished getting all the noob gains in.

We, as lifters, look for any advantage and trick we can utilize to get a bit quicker and faster results.

With consistency come results; it takes years to develop a great physique, with many guys quitting a couple of years into the process, not realizing that consistency for years is what it takes to get remarkable results.

In this post, we will discuss 10 muscle-building tricks that most guys training aren’t using and may, therefore, not be getting as good of results as they could.

Do Cardio

You may think, isn’t cardio what makes me catabolic and lose muscle rather than build muscle?

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According to bodybuilding coach George Farah who has trained elite bodybuilders such as Kai Greene, cardio can be a viable tool to gain more muscle.

George Farah spoke about this at a seminar where he revealed that if he is training a skinny guy, he makes him do cardio because it increases the metabolism, and we absorb the foods we eat better and faster.

Geroge said that you could absorb more food, making you more anabolic.

For skinny people I take them, In the offseason, I make them do more cardio, they gain more muscle because they absorb more food.

Focus on contraction rather than heavyweights

Kai Greene is a bodybuilding expert, and he tries to stimulate the muscles by contracting them the right way.

Kai has explained that you don’t need to be concerned with always lifting heavier weights.

Kai focuses on stretching the muscle and contracting it.

We often see guys focusing on the wrong thing for muscle building by lifting heavy with not optimal form.

Sure, heavyweights may work well for weightlifters and strength athletes, but for muscle-building purposes, stretching and squeezing the muscle while being in control of the movement the whole time is the way to go for bodybuilders, according to Kai Greene.

Don’t Get Too Fat

George Farah and Kai Greene have discussed the importance of not getting too fat in the offseason, even though they admitted they made this mistake in the past.

Geroge Farah revealed that you will gain more muscle by staying somewhat lean in the offseason rather than blowing up and becoming fat. We see many guys dirty bulking all the time, and it may not be the best way to gain muscle.

George said that if you are holding a lot of fat and water, it becomes harder to gain muscle.

Train Your Body To Consume More Calories

Bodybuilding superstar Mike O’Hearn frequently talks about training your body to consume more carbs and calories.

Mike said that if you are always cutting your calories, you will not last.

If you are always cutting your calories by the time you are 35, you are done, don’t even try to get to this age and do this, it’s just not realistic.

Mike has said that you can train your body to burn off more food by consuming more food regularly, stimulating your metabolism to work even better.

Track your food intake

One of the most basic things in bodybuilding is tracking how much you eat to assess how it affects your body.

Tracking macros is something very few people do, but many experts recommend it because it gives you an idea of how many calories you burn throughout each day.

It’s easier to adjust when you know how many calories you need to eat to gain weight, lose fat or maintain weight.

Injury Prevention

One of the worst things that can happen to a lifter is getting injured, if you are injured you may need to take a long break from lifting weights and your physique will deteriorate.

Injury prevention is, therefore a crucial thing to keep in mind; Dorian Yates has spoken about this, he has had his share of injuries as a competitive bodybuilder and retired because of injuries.

Dorian recommends if you get a little injury get a deep tissue massage regularly, he also recommends regular chiropractic appointments even though you are not injured; it helps percent injury, according to Dorian.

Make Small Short-Term Achievable goals

Making small short-term goals can help you stay motivated and on track toward your main goal.

6x Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates recommends having a monthly goal where you set goals regarding your weight, strength or measurements.

For example, a goal of gaining 2 pounds in one month.

Have Fun Training

One of the reasons why Ronnie Coleman was so successful in bodybuilding was the fact that he loved it.

Ronnie Coleman loved lifting heavy weights and used to scream phrases before heavy sets like “Lightweight baby” to psych himself up.

Ronnie has said that it was the main reason he was so successful in bodybuilding because he loved it.

If you don’t have fun or love training, you are not going to last for a long time; that’s why it’s important to try to find ways to make training fun if you find it boring.

Shock The muscle

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger believed in shocking the muscle to grow it.

To not let your muscles get used to the workouts and change the workout regularly and shock the system.

One of the main things of course in order to create size and to create muscle growth … sometimes the body will hit the wall and what that basically means is that the body is saying, ‘Look, I know all your tricks. I know you’re gonna start first with benchpress and then I know you’re gonna walk over to the chin up … I know that routine. I know exactly everything you do and I am prepared for that.’ So you have to go and use the shocking principle. Let’s see if the pectoral muscle is used to that, and then all of a sudden you will find that your pectoral muscle is shaking. After that, you don’t know what to do because it’s cramping and it is being tortured and it is in pain because you’ve now shocked the muscle

Make sure to get enough protein.

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed how much protein he believes a bodybuilder needs to progress and grow.

Arnold has said:

It is absolutely essential that you have enough protein so that you can really experience muscle growth.

Arnold ate roughly 1 gram of protein for every pound he weighed, and he consumed just over 200 grams of protein everyday.

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