This Is How Much Money Rich Piana Could Possibly Lose In His Divorce

This Is How Much Money Rich Piana Could Possibly Lose In His Divorce

As you probably know by now Rich Piana the huge bodybuilder and owner of 5% nutrition recently broke up with his wife Sara.

Rich and Sara got married a little under a year ago and Rich recently made a statement on his instagram that they are no longer together.

Rich Piana is not only a bodybuilder he is also a successful investor and a company owner.

Rich marraige

I am by no means any expert on divorces and how you divide the assets after divorcing.

Unless a a prenuptial agreement has been made prior to the wedding the married couple own many assets together once the marriage has been made official.

If no prenuptial  agreement has been made Rich Piana could be losing a lot of money.

These are all conclusions and we do not know if in fact Rich Piana is losing any money on his divorce and we do not know with certainty if these facts are right.

According to google Rich Piana’s net worth is:
Rich Piana net worthIf Sara receives 50% of this amount she will receive $1.65 million dollars of Rich Piana’s money.

We do not know Sara’s net worth before the wedding and how much money she had so who knows?

Maby Rich Piana receives money from her depending on her financial assets.

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