Mr. Universe Winner Eats No Animal Meat, But Wait Until You Hear Where He Gets His Protein From

Mr. Universe Winner Eats No Animal Meat, But Wait Until You Hear Where He Gets His Protein From

Barnabus du Plessis is a 41 year old bodybuilder who won the Mr. Universe content back in 2014, but he’s not like all bodybuilders. How?  He doesn’t eat meat in order to maintain his massive physique.

In a recent ad for PETA do Plessis says that the world’s strongest animals eat plants: “gorillas, elephants and me”

Well, to be fair you can’t really compare animals together, humans vs. gorillas for example, because we don’t have the same genetics, meaning they process plants different to us. It’s like saying just because I drink water I can swim as fast as a great white shark…. doesn’t make any sense does it?

But nonetheless du Plessis has a  point and he claims his health began to decline as a result of his previous meat based diet until he decided to change it up a bit and introduce loads and loads of vegetables to his daily routine.

In an exclusive PETA interview, he said: “Since becoming a vegan my training has been amazing. I wake up feeling good, I’ve got more energy, my recovery’s really good and I’ve got no aches and pains. Best of all, I’m not contributing to the suffering of animals.”(via)

Here’s his previous and current diet. As you can see they’re both quite extreme, but hey, that’s just how we bodybuilders roll, am I right?

What du Plessis used to eat:
Breakfast: 10 egg whites, nuts and corn flakes
Mid-morning: Whey protein, cereals and a banana
Lunch: Chicken, rice, veg and seeds
Mid-afternoon: Chicken, rice and veg
Post-workout: Whey protein
Dinner: Oven chips and a 10 egg white omelette
Pudding: Quark with whey and Rice Crispies

What du Plessis eats now:
Pre workout: Coffee with coconut oil and beetroot shot
After Training: Vegan protein with super greens and raw date bar
Breakfast: Vegan protein with tapioca/ rice flakes/ quinoa and mixed seeds, cacao and stevia
Lunch: Brown basmati rice, mixed lentils and salad with nutritional yeast
Mid-afternoon: Brown basmati rice, mixed lentils and veggies with nutritional yeast
Dinner: Oats, vegan protein and Mixed seeds, cacaco and stevia

Holy mother of gains, this is some serious stuff. But I guess nobody can deny that this guy has some serious muscles:

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