Most Ridiculous Lines Heard At The Gym As Of Late

Written by Dana Bushell

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I don’t usually make it a habit of listening in on other people’s conversations while at the gym.

It’s usually because I could care less what other people are talking about when my only focus is on completing my workout with the most intensity I can muster up that day.

With that said, when unfortunate things happen such as forgetting my head phones at home, running out of battery on my phone or not being able to connect to the gym’s WIFI, and despite my best efforts to block everything out, I still manage to hear some pretty unusual and funny one liner’s from those around me.

It’s usually advice given to another that I overhear or sometimes it’s a complete step by step breakdown of the individual’s current status, food intake, training philosophy, measurements and current PR’s. Here are some of the best lines I’ve been able to hear as of late in the gym.


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#1 What are you rock’n in your shaker cup bro?

To the best of my abilities and by using my decoder ring, I can only guess that the person asking this question was referring to the ingredients in the person in question’s shaker cup.

Assuming this is it, I’m sure the answer given was a very sound and scientific explanation for the purposes of each supplement contained within that shaker cup.

#2 Dude, I’m due for a re-feed day

Upon first hearing this, my initial thought was wow, this guy must be totally depleted and pretty close to contest shape.

I mean, if they weren’t why would there be any need to veer from a restricted diet when conditioning was still an issue.

Well, to my surprise the person looking forward to the re-feed looked like they’d been having consistent re-feed days on a regular basis.

But, to each their own I guess and maybe they know a secret to dieting that I don’t.

#3 I’ve never benched; it’s a complete waste of time

And I can tell you’ve never benched from the concave pectoral development you’re sporting.

Listen up boys, you can bet that anyone walking around with a massive chest spent a LOT of time on the flat bench at one point in time if they still don’t.

They may invest more of their time on dumbbell movements now to carve out detail, but the bench press was their first love when it came to training chest; you can bet on that!

#4 If you’re training hard and doing your cardio, you can basically eat whatever you want

This is very true, you can eat whatever you want. But you can also eat whatever you want in the absence of training and cardio.

You can even eat while doing cardio or training with weights.

I’m assuming here, with the help of my decoder ring, that the person who made this comment believes that you can out train a poor diet.

And that as long as you put in the work you’ll get the physique you want. Sadly, this is not true and diet has to be in synch with training and cardio for REAL gains to occur.

#5 I gotta go, my anabolic window is closing

I know it’s been written about many times and most people know what it is (whether it still exists or not with the advent of intra-workout nutrition) but I never actually thought I’d hear someone use their “anabolic window” as a reason for having to leave.

I agree that nutrient timing is key and there are certain times when you have to eat.

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I just thought it was funny hearing it; maybe it was the seriousness in which it was said that was entertaining.

I’m sure you have a library full of one liners that you’ve overheard at the gym and I bet some of them are even better than the ones mentioned above.

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All we can do when we’re left to the sounds of the gym is try our best to filter out all that is bad and not laugh hysterically mid workout; it is after all broscience and what’s wrong with that, right?

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