Most Outrageous Dirty Bulk Diet Ever Done By A Bodybuilder Has Gone Viral

Most Outrageous Dirty Bulk Diet Ever Done By A Bodybuilder Has Gone Viral

Have you ever wondered how you can bulk up as fast as possible. This dirty bulk diet is definitely one of the most effective diet out there to gain a shit load of weight, you will definitely gain some fat in the process but we do everything for gains right?

Watch the video below were John Meadows and Dave Tate discuss this crazy diet.

Most Outrageous Dirty Bulking Diet Ever

Breakfast: 3 McDonalds Sandwiches with extra mayonnaise and a hash brown inside each sandwich

Lunch: 2 Orders at a Chinese restaurant (eat until you are sick)

Thorugh the day: 16 Hershey Chocolate bars through the day to keep blood sugar high


  • Option 1: Order a large pizza with everything on it and put olive oil on the pizza
  • Option 2: If you can’t complete the pizza you can eat ice cream with a ton of toppings on it

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