How Much Money Do Bodybuilders Get For Winning Mr Olympia?

How Much Money Do Bodybuilders make for winning competitions?

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger made bodybuilding famous decades ago there have been a lot of changes to the sport.

Now you can win serious cash money for being a great bodybuilder that wins competitions.

But how much money do pro bodybuilders really make?

Well the data is available as most serious bodybuilding competitions have prize money for the best placings.

However, the highest paid competitions are definitely for the men’s bodybuilding shows.

Most bodybuilders probably make most of their money from endorsing suppplements, doing commercials and guest appearances.

Because if you do not place high consistently in bodybuilding shows the money just isn’t there.

However, if you are the absolute top bodybuilder than you can live a happy life with money in the bank just by winning shows.

Let’s start off by taking a look at the price money in Mr. Olympia

Mr Olympia price money in 2020

First you have to place in the top 5 to make any real money at all for this competition.

The winner will get approximately $400 K

Runner up will receive around $150 K

Third place will receive around $100 K

4th and 5th place get around $40-50K

Top 5 placings will get a decent amount of money but if you do not place high you simply won’t get paid.

So being a top bodybuilder who consistently makes good placings at the Olympia can lead to financial success.

With that being said men’s bodybuilding is the highest paid of them all at the Olympia.

As the price money for Mr. Olympia is $600K while all the seven other divisions (womens bodybuilding, figure olympia etc.) Only get $400 K combined.

So overall the price money in Mr. Olympia is $1 Million dollars distributed across 8 different divisions and Men’s bodybuilding get’s $600 K out of that.

The winner in the other categories only get’s paid around $20-40K for winning their class.

Arnold Classic prize money

Arnold Classic is probably the second most paid bodybuilding competition and it pays majority of the price money to men’s bodybuilding.

The winning price for men’s bodybuilding is around $130 K.

With runner up taking around $75 K

Third place gets $50 K

Fourth place gets $30 K

Fifth place takes $15 K

Sixth place gets $10 k

Overall this is pretty good prize money and many times the strongest guys on the Olympia don’t compete at this show.

Giving the other bodybuilders more chance of winning good prize money.

The same concept goes for the Arnold Classic contest as the Olympia other categories don’t get paid nearly as much as men’s bodybuilding.

Can you be rich from just competing in bodybuilding?

If you are one of the top 3 bodybuilders in the world you can probably make a good living out of just competing in bodybuilding.

For other categories such as classic physique, women’s bodybuilding, figure etc there isn’t a lot of money to be made.

That’s why just competing isn’t going to cut it for most people.

We see most of the top bodybuilders having contracts with clothing shops, gym equipment stores and supplement companies where they make the majority of their money from.

There just isn’t enough money to live a comfortable life as just a bodybuilder unless you are the best.

You also have to spend a lot of time and money to get train towards the competition.

Most pro bodybuilders don’t work a job, even though Ronnie Coleman worked as a police officer and is probably the best bodybuilders of all times.

On top of that most bodybuilders aren’t capable of staying at the top for more than 5-10 years unless your name is Dexter Jackson.

That’s why we see so many bodybuilders start their own supplement company like Kai Greene who retired completely from competitive bodybuilding and launched his supplement company Dynamik Muscle

Even though Kai Greene is one of the best bodybuilders in the world he still doesn’t compete and he probably makes more money with his supplement company than he did when he was competing.

Looking to make a career out of bodybuilding?

Then i’d suggest you pair up with a company that sponsors you financially, because if you don’t place high there simply isn’t money to be made.

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