MMA Fighter BRUTALLY KOs A Defenceless Ring Girl

MMA Fighter BRUTALLY KOs A Defenceless Ring Girl

MMA fighters giving it the big one and having a bit of chew with each other and their teams is normal and we totally expect a bit of drama either side of the fight… But MMA fighter Andrew Whitney dropped everyone’s jaws around the world when he turned round and with no warning viciously pummelled a defenceless ring girl in the face!

It incident occurred just after he lost his fight to Farkhad Sharipov in a unanimous decision on points, but it’s clear from the video that Andrew Whitney thought he should have won the fight, celebrating before they’d even announced the winner. Upon the call that he wasn’t the winner… This is when the horrific incident took place!

Check it out in the video below!

After the incident it was declared that there was no major damage done to the ring girl and she did walk away from the incident relatives unscathed. It has also been declared by the federation hosting the fight that actions are being put in place to ensure that this incident is not repeated in future.

Just think… He could have ended her ring girl/modelling career in 0.5 seconds.

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