Mike O'Hearn Natural Bodybuilder - Stats, diet, weight, & height

Mike O’Hearn Natural Bodybuilder – Stats, diet, weight, and height

51-year old Mike O’Hearn has been poplar in the fitness and bodybuilding scene for the last several years. He is a very big bodybuilder who still looks aesthetic without being overly big.

Mike O’Hearn is a seasoned bodybuilder with 4 Mr. Universe titles under his belt he has also a backround in strongman and mixed martial arts.

Mike has been training for the past 42 years and bodybuilding for 37 years.

Even though Mike O’Hearn is over 50 years of age he has been able to maintain an insane physique that younger guys cannot even achieve.

On top of that Mike O’Hearn does this naturally, he is accused every day of using steroids but Mike O’Hearn has always said he has built up his impressive physique without the use of any steroids.

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Mike O’Hearn has amassed around 2 million followers on Instagram were he frequently posts picuters of his incredible physique.

Mike O’Hearn Stats

Mike O’Hearn is 51 years old and is from America.

He weighs 245-255 lbs (111.1 -115.7 kg)

His height is 6’3 (190.5 cm)

Mike O’Hearn owns four husky dogs.

Mike O’Hearns wife is Mona Muresan and they have a baby together.

Mike stays lean all year around because he has guest poses every other week around the word.

Mike O’Hearn Diet

Mike believes in a high carbohydrate diet, he says that you want your body to be able to burn the calories that you are eating and that’s why it’s not a good idea to go on a low carb diet.

It’s about consistency how long can you sustain a low carb diet maby 5 years or 10 years?

What about 40 years? I don’t think so.

He believes in eating proper meals throughout the day is the key and he recommends low glycemic carbohydrates such as rice.

If you are always exercising to burn off the calories then technically you aren’t getting your metabolism to work. The metabolism should work of the nutrition you are eating.

Does Mike O’Hearn use Steroids?

Let’s be real for a moment, is it possible to be as big, strong and shredded as Mike O’Hearn at his age and be a natural bodybuilder?

I mean who knows? this guy has been training for over 40 years and has been jacked since he was 16 years old.

There are not many people who can say that, and there are people who use steroids who look a lot less impressive than Mike O’Hearn does.

It’s not possible to prove that Mike O’Hearn doesn’t use steroids, it’s also not possible to prove he is a lifetime natural bodybuilder.

You can get decently big without the use of steroids but Mike’s physique is elite, is he really just one of the top natural bodybuilder ever?

He has been accused by a lot of respected individuals in the bodybuilding/fitness scene for being a fake natural like Greg Doucette, Jason Blaha, Kenny KO, Mark Bell, and the list goes on.

Being called “Mike O’Tren” by many of them and accusing him of using steroids.

Mike has come out several times with statements that he is in fact a real natural bodybuilder

Steroids are just a word that the lazy and ignorant use to describe any guy or girl that has more muscle or strength and dedicated than them.

-Mike O’Hearn

Mike has blocked people that comment on his posts accusing him of using steroids or make fun of him on social media.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if Mike O’Hearn is natural or not, you will never know unless you can actually see him using drugs and prove it.

It could also be that Mike is sponosered by a supplement company and would lose his sponsorship if he says he uses drugs.

Many pro athletes use drugs but cannot say they do because they would be banned.

Would you say you were natural even if you were not if it depended on your livelihood?

So I guess we cannot confirm nor deny if Mike has used or uses steroids.

Mike O’Hearn duck eggs supplement and ab wheel

One thing that got a lot of controversy was the duck eggs Mike O’Hearn started selling a few years ago.

Also his ab wheel which was called frog fitness.

It wasn’t only the products that caused controvery it was also the price tag of them.

As Frog Fitness was priced at $1495 and the frezze dried duck egg supplement he was promoting was priced at $699.

mike o hearn duck egg supplement

Many people called him a con artist for selling scam products that didn’t need to cost so much and didn’t work.

Here’s the question I have:

Did the duck egg supplement and ab wheel to be priced that high and do they actually work?

These are definitely very expensive products considering that you can buy dozen duck eggs for a few dollars.

Also the frog fitness equipment costs the same as a couple of years gym membership does.

You can follow Mike O’Hearn on his instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/mikeohearn/

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  1. “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if Mike O’Hearn is natural or not, you will never know unless you can actually see him using drugs and prove it.”

    I hope some of this was written tongue-in-cheek, because if not you’re discrediting yourself and your whole website. There are three reasons why you’d write this. 1. You’re being ironic. 2. You have minimal understanding of physiology and have no business in the fitness industry. 3. You are a disingenuous asshole and shill.

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