Natural Bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn VS. Enhanced Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead Comparison

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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53-Year old Mike O’Hearn has established himself as one of the greatest natural bodybuilders of all time, and in his career in the sport, he won the Mr. Universe four times.

Mike is not competing anymore in bodybuilding but maintains an elite physique all year round and has been training for over 40 years.

Chris Bumstead is now in his prime at 27-year old and is the best Classic Physique bodybuilder in the world today.

Chris has won the Classic Mr. Olympia three years in a row and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

There is a huge age difference between Mike and Chris; Mike is almost double the age of Chris Bumstead, with an age difference of 26 years.

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Mike has always been a natural bodybuilder, but Chris Bumstead has admitted to not being natural.

It is really interesting to see comparisons between these two bodybuilders, and it just goes to show how impressive Mike is at 53 years old. It is just amazing what he has achieved as a natural athlete.

If Mike wanted, he could probably compete in the Classic physique today with success; it would be interesting to see if Mike decides to compete again in bodybuilding.

Natural Mike O’Hearn VS Enhanced Chris Bumstead Comparison

I believe Mike has the bigger and better back, but it’s very close and hard to judge.

In this pose, Chris is more shredded than Mike, but overall it seems like Mike has more muscles than Chris.

A very close call, both of them look amazing in this pose.

Very similar looking from this pose.

Mike has a little bit bigger legs, but Chris is more cut.

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