Expert Tips from Natural (Lifetime) Bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn on Dieting

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At 55, Mike O’Hearn remains a towering figure in the fitness community, renowned for his muscular physique and commitment to natural bodybuilding.

In a recent video, Mike shared valuable dietary insights that can help anyone looking to build muscle, lose fat, and maintain strength over the long haul.

Here are some of the key tips and advice from Mike O’Hearn’s diet philosophy.

1. Importance of Meal Preparation

Mike demonstrates his cooking skills, highlighting the importance of being hands-on with meal preparation. Using tools like MCT oil for cooking is one way to ensure healthy fats are part of your diet, aiding in energy production and weight management.

2. Balanced Nutrition for Muscle and Fat Management

Mike discusses the necessity of finding the right balance in nutrition to feed the muscles and starve the fat. He stresses that this balance helps in staying strong and lean simultaneously.

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3. Power Bodybuilding Year-Round

Mike’s approach, termed “power bodybuilding,” involves heavy lifting throughout the year, not just during bulking phases. This method helps in building muscle and retaining it even during cutting phases. He advises against the common practice of switching to light weights and high reps during dieting periods, as it leads to muscle loss.

4. Avoid Extreme Calorie Deficits

Starving the body can lead to a shutdown, causing loss of muscle and overall strength. Mike highlights the importance of consuming enough food to maintain energy levels and support recovery, avoiding the pitfalls of extreme calorie restriction.

5. Training Consistency Over Cardio

While Mike trains twice a day, he focuses on weightlifting rather than cardio. He believes that weightlifting is sufficient for maintaining heart health and overall fitness, emphasizing that the heart is the strongest muscle that benefits from such training.

6. Diet Versatility and Phases

Mike mentions using different diet phases like the “universe diet” and the “30-day blitz.” These can be employed either at the start or the end of a dieting period to kickstart the metabolism or finalize the cutting phase, respectively.

7. Seasoning for Flavor Without Extra Calories

Using seasonings like garlic and lemon pepper can enhance the flavor of meals without adding unnecessary calories. Mike also mentions the use of salsa for added taste, provided it’s low in sugar.

8. Off-Season Preparation

Mike emphasizes the importance of a proper off-season to build up calorie intake and muscle strength. This period is crucial for setting up the body to function optimally and making fat loss more effective during cutting phases.

9. High Carbohydrate Intake for Energy

Carbohydrates are essential for maintaining energy levels and muscle mass. Mike notes the example of his wife consuming 336 grams of carbohydrates daily while maintaining a lean physique, underscoring the importance of carbs in a balanced diet.

Mike is trying to emphasize that you have to train your body to consume more calories, and low calories will eventually make your body burn off fewer calories resulting in diminishing returns.


Mike O’Hearn’s dietary advice offers a balanced and sustainable approach to building and maintaining muscle mass.

By focusing on proper meal preparation, balanced nutrition, and consistent training, you can achieve impressive results at any age.

Embrace power bodybuilding, avoid extreme calorie deficits, and utilize different diet phases to fit your individual needs.

Mike’s tips provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to stay strong and healthy throughout their life.

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