Mike O’Hearn Hardcore Arm Workout – 20 Reps For 20 Inch Arms

You kill your arm sessions at the gym but for some reason haven’t seen too much growth, making you wonder what you could possibly be doing wrong? You most likely have been performing the same routine and same rep ranges for some time now and are in dying need of a switch up. Your muscles become accustomed to your routine and in a way get bored with the re-occurring exercises and rep ranges. Muscles require a “shock” in order for them to grow. The shock principle should always be implemented when you hit a plateau phase in order for you to break right through it. Mike O’Hearn has been featured on over 500 magazine covers, was named fitness model of the year seven times and was also a 4x Mr. Natural Universe title holder. With so much experience and years under his belt in the fitness industry Mike has hit a few plateaus of his own throughout his lifetime. But never did he get stuck in one as you can tell by his accomplishments and physique. Mike teamed up with the legendary Robby “Mr.Lifestyle” Robinson to provide us with a vigorous arm routine that will shock the shit out of your arms and command them to grow! Check out the full routine in the video below to help you break through the terrible plateau you are stuck in!


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