Mike O’Hearn Calls A Fan “Complete Idiot” For Saying Testosterone levels drop naturally with age

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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53-year-old Mike O’Hearn is a natural bodybuilding superstar that has been involved in fitness for decades.

Mike started training when he was a young teenager and was already massively built at 16 years old.

Mike has achieved a lot in his fitness/bodybuilding career; Mike has won the Mr. Universe four times in his career, won powerlifting titles, is a Judo champion, and has been featured on the covers of hundreds of magazines.

Now at 53 years old, Mike is still in incredible shape, and he has achieved this without using PEDS, which makes him one of the most impressive natural lifters globally.

Mike is regularly accused of using steroids and was recently put on the spot by YouTuber Kenny K.O who asked if Mike was a natural athlete.

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Kenny K.O said to Mike that testosterone levels drop with age, but Mike disagreed with that statement and explained to Kenny K.O in a calm, professional manner that it’s not true.

Recently Mike was asked by a fan: “How can you deny basic science such as testosterone dropping of naturally with age?”

Mike answered this fan and called him a “complete idiot.”

Here’s what Mike had to say:

See, this is what’s great about this guy; this guy is a complete idiot, and nowhere does it say that it just drops; everybody is the same, see that’s the problem with some of these guys, and this guy is a complete moron. He says everybody across the board, no matter what it is, their testosterone drops, and that’s just not the case, and no science says it’s the case. Science says it’s a possibility when you age that it drops, but it doesn’t mean every single person, no matter what it is, drops. There’s 20-year-olds with low testosterone there’s 70-year-olds with high testosterone; explain that. The common sense part of this is the great thing here, this guy again a complete moron because he thinks no matter what, this is what happens. That’s like saying no matter what, if you squat 500 lbs, you are going to have great legs; no, it doesn’t mean that; you may squat 500 lbs, but you still might have bird legs, but you might have strong connective tissue it’s absolutely zero, there is no science that says every single person no matter what it is drops. It’s just is not that clean, it’s not that simple, but if you want an excuse to say it is, that’s fine. You are one of the lame guys that it drops, and because it drops one percent on average for an average person, you shouldn’t even lift, so that’s the problem with these guys, and that’s the fan base to some of these Instagram tabloid guys is that this kind of guy right here is the individual that works great for those kinds of people.

Mike Calls a Fan a “Complete Idiot” For believing testosterone levels drop with age (video)

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