Mike O'Hearn Barbell Curls 205 lbs for 6 reps

Mike O’Hearn Barbell Curls 205 lbs for 6 reps

Mike O’Hearn is no stranger to bodybuilding, having won the Natural Mr. Universe four times in his bodybuilding career, and he has also competed in powerlifting.

Now Mike has become a fitness superstar, having amassed around 2. Million of followers on his Instagram page.

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It seems like there is no stopping for Mike O’Hearn; even though he is now 52-years old, he is around 275 lbs shredded.

Since he was a young teenager, Mike O’Hearn has been training for over 40-years and has built up this fantastic physique without any significant injuries.

What is more interesting about Mike O’Hearn is that he has done bodybuilding naturally his whole life, meaning that he hasn’t used steroids to build up his massive physique.

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There is arguably no bodybuilder today as committed as Mike O’Hearn; he doesn’t miss workouts, he doesn’t miss meals, and he doesn’t drink alcohol.

Mike stays committed to the gym, and since he is guest posing many times per year and featured in fitness magazines, he has to keep in shape the whole year-round.

One of Mike’s secrets is training the body to eat carbs; he doesn’t believe a low-carb diet is sustainable, that’s why Mike has trained his body to eat a lot of carbohydrates every day.

Mike O’Hearn is also the founder of Power-bodybuilding style training and uses principles to achieve longevity and success in his physique.

Even though Mike is not a young man anymore, he doesn’t seem to age.

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Mike has almost perfect skin; he still has a full set of hair and is amazingly strong.

Mike recently showcased his arm strength on his Instagram, showing how much he can barbell curl.

Mike O’Hearn Barbell Curls 205 lbs 6 sets and 6 reps

It’s incredible to see the strength Mike O’Hearn has in his arms.

His arms are big, about 21-inches, and he shows plenty of strength in them.

Watch the video below where Mike curls 205 lbs with good form for six reps.

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