Mike O'Hearn Answers Questions if he uses Steroids or TRT

Mike O’Hearn Answers Questions if he uses Steroids or TRT

Natural bodybuilding superstar Mike O’Hearn is well known in the fitness industry for his fantastic physique and incredible strength,

Mike has been involved in the fitness scene for a long time and has become famous for his accomplishments.

At 53 years old Mike is still in great shape and continues to be one of the hardest workers in the industry.

Mike is constantly accused by famous YouTubers and fans of using steroids or TRT; Mike has always claimed that he has achieved his success naturally.

There are not many people who have trained consistently for 40 years as Mike has, and that proves that he may be telling the truth.

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As a competitive bodybuilder, Mike has won the Mr. Universe(natural division) four times.

Mike has also been featured on hundreds of fitness magazine covers.

With his amazing shape and accomplishments, Mike has amassed almost 2 million followers on his Instagram page, where he frequently impresses his fans.

Mike uses a method called “power-bodybuilding” to achieve success and longevity.

Recently Mike was asked by youtube Kenny K.O if he uses steroids or TRT.

The natural bodybuilding superstar didn’t shy away from the questions and made some interesting comments about natural testosterone production.

Here are some of the comments Mike made when asked if he was natural or used TRT:

How could I compete throughout my entire career doing drug tests, and TV shows. Everything that I was doing was drug tested and never Mr. Universe, Mr. America, Mr. USA, California two times. So, all those shows, over two decades of drug tests, and at no point, even when I was going through puberty were you stronger than me.

“You can be healthy for a lifetime. You can be strong for a lifetime. You can do things if you start young. Because I don’t want anybody to go, shoot, I want to look like you when I’m 60.’ It has nothing to do with what I’m doing. It has everything to do with what I did as a teenager. Then, I just did day after day after “fi’n” day. Then I did it a day again, and then I never “fi’n” stopped.

I’ve been low testosterone my entire life, which has helped me cut healthy joints. I’m at 400 (testosterone level). The point was, I just stayed the same and people kind of go, ‘huh 20, still the same, 30, still the same, still here, 40, still the same, still here, and 50 and 60. So, let’s show these guys the other side, it’s not genetics. It’s the mother that puts in the work every single day.

Mike O’Hearn Answers Questions if he uses Steroids or TRT (video)

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