Metroflex The Most Hardcore Gym In The World

Metroflex The Most Hardcore Gym In The World

Metroflex gym, located in Arlington, Texas, is arguably the most hardcore gym globally. The gym was established in 1987 by Brian Dobson.

Metroflex Gym isn’t like your average fancy gym; the gym is packed with old school equipment, beat-up machines, and tight.

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It’s not for everyone. However, some of the greatest bodybuilders have trained there, including Ronnie Coleman.

Brian Dobson, the owner of the Original Metroflex gym, is one of the reasons why Ronnie Coleman became a bodybuilder.

Brian Dobson, a former competitive bodybuilder, saw great potential in Ronnie Coleman.

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Brian offered Ronnie a free gym membership if he competed in bodybuilding.

Ronnie, who didn’t have a lot of money at the time, competed in bodybuilding for the first time to get a free gym membership.

Later, Ronnie realized that he had massive potential in bodybuilding, and he became arguably the best bodybuilder at the time.

Ronnie Coleman trained in the original Metroflex gym in Arlington, and the impressive lift compilations you see all over from Ronnie Coleman were primarily filmed in the Metroflex gym.

Ronnie being the greatest of all time describes the Metroflex gym as his home gym, and now several great bodybuilders have gone up there to train.

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However, the Metroflex gym is not the conventional comfortable gym for regular people; there is nothing fancy about this gym; it’s like they just dumped old-school gym equipment in that space and tried to fit everything, there is concrete floor and wall and no attempt to make the gym “nice.”

This raw environment is something that Ronnie Coleman enjoyed, and it has been called the most hardcore gym in the world.

Metroflex Gym (Videos)

Watch the videos below to see how the Metroflex gym looks like, and in the second video, you can see some of the best bodybuilders in the world train at Metroflex gym.

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