Mesomorph Pre-Workout Review: “May come with bad side effects”

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mesomorph pre-workout

Mesomorph Pre-workout ranks 62nd out of 125 pre-workout supplements see the complete list here


  • Contains Proven ingredients
  • 15 gram serving
  • Widely available


  • Only 25 servings per bottle
  • Contains proprietary blends
  • Doesn’t reveal the exact dosage of ingredients
  • May come with bad side effects.

With the recent shocking controversy around this supplement—it’s definitely time for an up to date Mesomorph review.

Let’s face it.

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We’re all looking for that extra boost to our workouts. Guys like us seek those elusive products that will take our training to the absolute limit in order to obtain the most phenomenal physique.

You’re 100 percent with me on that, yeah?

Most of us know that the best pre-workout supplements can send our energy levels through the damn roof—and one of the most talked about in recent years has been Mesomorph.

The problem is—the formulation has changed. Can it still deliver superhuman like power—or is it a shadow of its former self?

I’m going to tell you

This Mesomorph review will lift the lid on the real facts behind this modified supplement. Giving you all the information you need to see if it’s still a potent pre-workout—or one best resigned to history.

Want to learn what others won’t tell you?

Then read this new Mesomorph pre workout review.

Mesomorph Review

Mesomorph Review
Wonder whats more powerful than Mesomorph pre workout? Read our article on the best pre workout supplements on the market.

Let’s kick off this Mesomorph review by getting a handle on exactly what it is.

It’s formulated by well-known supplement manufacturer, APS Nutrition—a subsidiary of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (remember that name—it’s important!).

Mesomorph is a pre workout. As such, it’s designed to enhance your training and provide boosts to recovery—thereby improving your overall gains.

That’s the theory.

The manufacturers themselves state that Mesomorph will:

  • Enhance muscle gains.
  • Supercharge your energy reserves.
  • Improve athletic performance.
  • Delay the onset of fatigue.
  • Create massive muscle pumps.
  • Unleash your inherent genetic potential (whatever that means).

Sounds amazing, right?

Yeah, well don’t get that credit card out just yet—there are some crazy stories behind this supplement that may change your mind. This isn’t it’s first incarnation.

The original Mesomorph pre workout is distinctly different to the new version.

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Before we get down to the insane truth in this Mesomorph review—let me explain how it’s supposed to work.

How Does Mesomorph Work?

how mesomoprh works

This supplement claims to hit three aspects of training, with its over-scientifically titled proprietary blends.

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They are:

1. Synthenox Carnosine Nitric Oxide Complex.
2. Mesoswell Cell Volumizing ATP Matrix.
3. Neuromorph Neuro Energized Stimulant Matrix.

As you will see later in this Mesomorph review—the manufacturers really like making their supplement sound a lot more technical than it actually is.

Here’s the simple version.

To take them in order, basically the first is designed to increase muscle pumps, the second to raise endurance, and the third are stimulants purported to boost mood and energy.

Well, that’s the idea.

These three blends aim to work and enhance training by

  • Increasing blood flow to the muscles—giving a highly pumped, vascularized appearance, improving oxygenation, and therefore growth.
  • Raising endurance—allowing for longer workout sessions leading to greater muscle gains.
  • Elevating mood and energy—raising focus and again promoting extended training periods to boost exercise returns.

But, these are just claims that any supplement can make.

Let’s drill down into the serious detail in the next part of this Mesomorph review to see if it has the ingredients to support these promises.

Mesomorph Ingredients

Mesomorph Ingredients

So, here’s my first major issue in this Mesomorph review.

As you can see, APS Mesomorph v3 includes three proprietary (and inventively-named) blends. While, as a mix, they are quantified, the individual ingredients in each aren’t.

Which means:

You don’t know how much of each compound you’re taking.

This bothers me on two counts. Firstly, I really don’t like taking supplements “blind”—if I put anything into my body, I want to know exactly how much I’m consuming.

Secondly, without seeing the dose of each ingredient—it’s tough to know if it will be effective or not.

Anyway, here’s a quick examination of the key ingredients in this new Mesomorph pre workout review.

Beta Alanine (β-Alanine)

In effective doses (3 grams and over), beta-alanine has been shown to reduce the buildup of lactic acid. Lactic acid buildup can lead to pain and muscle weakness.

In a pre-workout, this can, therefore, extend the time of training sessions and ensure they are not curtailed.1

L-Citrulline and Arginine

Both can boost nitric oxide levels, which opens up the blood vessels. This can promote increased delivery of oxygenated blood to the muscles—giving impressive pumps and raising endurance.2 3 4

Di-Creatine Malate

Creatine has shown to increase stamina by boosting production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)—the chemical which causes your muscles to contract.5 6


Offsets the negative side effects of caffeine (such as the jitters).7

Agmatine Sulphate

Studies illustrate that, like citrulline and arginine, agmatine can boost nitric oxide levels and hence promote oxygenation to the muscles.8

But get this.

There’s increasing belief that agmatine acts on the same cellular path as citrulline—meaning that dosing with both has no more effect than with just one of these ingredients.

Methylxanthine Anhydrous

Remember earlier in this Mesomorph review I indicated that this supplement includes some weird and wonderful names?

Here’s another.

Methylxanthine Anhydrous is—basically—caffeine.9

Yeah, it’s an effective stimulant—but I can only guess they’re trying to make the supplement sound more scientifically potent than it actually is.10

Senegalia Berlandieri and Isopropylnorsynephrine

As we shall soon see in this Mesomorph review, the original Mesomorph pre workout contained DMAA (dimethylamylamine). This has since been removed and replaced by these two ingredients.

As the ingredient label indicates, the Mesomorph Senegalia berlandieri includes many phenylethylamine alkaloids—which are known to boost mood and act as stimulants.

Get ready for this.

Studies have shown that they can produce effects similar to methamphetamine and cocaine.11

Yep, you read that right. So, if getting off your face is your thing—this supplement could be for you (although to be fair—as nothing in this pre-workout is quantified—chances are there’s not much in there).

And here we go again.

The phenomenally sounding isopropylnorsynephrine is—Citrus aurantium—a stimulant and fat burner found in numerous weight loss supplements.12

Other ingredients include: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), glucuronolactone, theobromine, and Naringin (grapefruit!).

In the next part of this Mesomorph review—it’s time to see how this pre-workout stands among the competition.

Mesomorph Ingredients Breakdown

Mesomorph Ingredients Breakdown

To simplify this Mesomorph review, I’ve put together the ingredients that you should be looking for in a powerful and effective pre-workout.

This is how Mesomorph stacks up:

  • ✓ Caffeine (in Mesomorph as methylxanthine anhydrous)
  • ✓ Beta alanine
  • ✓ Citrulline malate
  • ✘ Betaine anhydrous
  • ✘ L-theanine
  • ✘ Acetyl-L-carnitine
  • ✘ Black pepper extract (Bioperine)
  • ✓ L-arginine

As you can see, Mesomorph contains about half the ingredients that you should find in the best pre-workout supplements.

But there’s a proviso.

Even then, as the ingredients are unquantified, there’s no way to know these four necessary ingredients are in sufficient doses to have any effect at all.

Mesomorph Pre Workout New vs Old With DMMA

The crazy part of this Mesomorph review.

Let’s take a look at the Mesomorph pre workout DMAA formulation compared to the new version.

I’ll tell you all about it.

Back in 2012, Mesomorph was released—and quickly achieved both loyalty and notoriety. The reason being it contained DMAA, in the form of Geranaburn.

Guys loved it—the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) didn’t.

Bodybuilders were attracted by its potent stimulant effects—providing not only physical enhancement benefits but also improving mood and a feeling of wellbeing.13

The FDA hated it, as it can:

  • Narrow blood vessels.14
  • Increase the heartbeat rate.
  • Cause nausea.
  • Promote chest pain.
  • Induce a stroke.
  • Poison the liver.

So, they told supplement providers using it to cease—and even seized the products made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Mesomorph.15

Many supplement providers argued it was perfectly legal—as it was 100 percent natural and found in geranium oil.

The problem is—that “fact” was shown to be trash.16

So, today, DMAA remains banned for inclusion in dietary supplements. The only difference between the new and old version is that now Mesomorph contains Senegalia berlandieri and Isopropylnorsynephrine instead.

To date—these are legal.

But, having already mentioned the narcotic effects of these ingredients—it might not stay that way.

Mesomorph Side Effects

Mesomorph Side Effects

No Mesomorph review would be complete without a look at the adverse health effects.

As with many pre-workouts, there are minimal unwanted reactions, usually due to the caffeine content. They can include:

  • A jittery or agitated feeling.
  • Headaches.
  • Sleeplessness.
  • Nausea.

Plus, beta-alanine is known to cause an “itchy” or tingly feeling—this is perfectly harmless, should not be worried about, and passes after a couple of hours.17

But, my main concern is with the DMAA replacing ingredient phenylethylamine (in Mesomorph Senegalia berlandieri). Studies have indicated it can cause:

  • Tachycardia. 18
  • Hypertension.
  • Agitation.
  • Psychosis.
  • Depression.
  • Paranoia.

While the risks are low—it’s a little worrying.

Mesomorph Before After Results

Mesomorph Before After Results

We’ve already seen in this Mesomorph review that it claims to supercharge training—turning your average session into one that is going to provide hulk-like proportions.

While some ingredients appear useful—are they in high enough quantities to have any effect?

Here’s what guys using this supplement have experienced.

“Good clean energy. Best pre-workout out there.”


“Been using this product for a while now, it’s my go-to pre…..enough energy and focus to get me through a 2-hour workout.


“Was hoping for a more explosive pre-workout, definitely not worth the price.


“How bad could it be reformulated.. short story it’s bad.


“It’s mediocre. I won’t be purchasing this again.


“It’s like energy is being drained at a rapid rate and I literally need to go to bed.


Overall, it appears the results are somewhat disappointing.

Where to Buy Mesomorph?

If, after reading this Mesomorph review, you’re convinced to buy it (really?), it can be purchased from the official APS Nutrition website, samedaysupplements, eBay and luckyvitamin.

Mesomorph Review Conclusion

Mesomorph Review Conclusion

Let’s face facts.

The Mesomorph pre workout banned formulation was once supercharged with DMAA. This proven (although controversial) ingredient massively boosted energy and mood.

But, that’s all it had going for it—now, it’s average at best.

Yeah, a few guys have seen some results with the new formulation—but that’s probably down to the caffeine content.

Although none of the ingredients are quantified—meaning we cannot ascertain their effectiveness—the customer testimonials indicate that it’s weak.

And, I have concerns.

Replacing DMAA with Senegalia berlandieri could be equally dangerous.

The bottom line in this Mesomorph review.

At best, this pre-workout is ineffective—at worst, it could promote some serious side effects.

My advice.

Choose a pre-workout that contains the scientifically proven ingredients listed above—safe in the knowledge your training will be enhanced, and most importantly, you will remain healthy!

Mesomorph Review FAQ

“How to Take Mesomorph?”

Use one scoop of Mesomorph mixed with 10 ounces of water. Take around 30 to 40 minutes before the commencement of your training session.

On non-training days, take half a scoop mixed with five ounces of water.

“How Much Does Mesomorph Cost?”

If purchased from the official APS Nutrition website, Mesomorph costs $34.95 for 338 grams.

“Is Mesomorph Safe?”


Although the caffeine content can cause nausea and headaches, and beta-alanine an itchy feeling—these side effects will soon subside.

However, the inclusion of stimulants, including phenylethylamine—which is unquantified—could induce serious reactions.

“Is Mesomorph Pre Workout Banned?”

Currently, no.

Although the original formula included the now-banned stimulant DMAA—this has since been removed.

“What Was the Original Mesomorph Formula Like?”

The original formula was the same as the current one, except it included DMAA instead of Senegalia berlandieri and isopropylnorsynephrine. This new formulation is known as APS Mesomorph v3.

“Where Can You Buy Mesomorph?”

Mesomorph is available from the official APS Nutrition website, eBay and samedaysupplements.

“Does Mesomorph Really Work?”

While it does contain proven pre-workout compounds—Mesomorph hides all its ingredients in proprietary blends—their efficacy cannot be measured.

When the old Mesomorph pre workout DMAA formulation was used, there were positive results.

Additionally, customer testimonials are not very impressive.

“Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?”

Currently, there’s no money back guarantee with Mesomorph.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Mesomorph Before Seeing Results?”

Probably a long time.

While some guys report boosts in energy 30 minutes after consumption, many more have seen no improvements in their training at all. The Mesomorph pre workout banned formulation was a little more effective.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

At the time of writing this Mesomorph pre workout review 2018—APS Nutrition is not currently offering worldwide shipping. Although, you may find third-party vendors who offer this.



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