Men’s Physique Competitor Kicked Off Stage, he was too muscular.

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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An Indian Men’s Physique competitor was kicked off stage in an Indian physique competitor; even though he looked terrific and more impressive than most other athletes on stage, he was still kicked off.

Judges gave the bodybuilder a lecture explaining that this division was not suited for him and was too big.

Even though the competitor has a very aesthetically pleasing physique and followed all the rules and regulations, he still could not compete.

We’ve never seen anything like it in the bodybuilding world.

In most bodybuilding shows worldwide, everyone can compete, even though they don’t even train.

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We have often seen non-lifters trolling bodybuilding competitions by competing, and they were not thrown off the stage because they followed the rules of the requirements to compete; even though they got last place, they still had the right to compete.

For this Indian bodybuilder, this was not the case, he showcased a fantastic physique, but the judges didn’t allow him to compete for some reason.

I don’t understand why the judges wouldn’t let him compete; if his body isn’t what the judges are looking for, they should still allow him to compete.

This is a very unusual approach from the judges and not professional.

The video is in Hindi, so we don’t understand exactly what the judges are saying; however, we know the competitor is being thrown off the stage for being too muscular and not fitting in the Men’s physique category, in the opinion of the judges.

Mens Physique Competitor Thrown off stage for being too muscular.

More Plates More Dates Youtube channel even made a video about the topic and discussed how ridiculous this all is.

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