Men Are Losers, Says New Feminist Campaign

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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“Men are lazy losers who don’t do enough housework, according to a new feminist campaign being backed by the NBA and other corporate giants. It’s not as if men work more hours than women. It’s not as if men work far more dangerous jobs than women. It’s not as if 92% of all workplace fatalities are men. It’s not as if men are four times more likely to commit suicide. No! Men have got it just too damn easy and they need to get their asses in that kitchen.”

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7 thoughts on “Men Are Losers, Says New Feminist Campaign”

  1. Yes, lets totally turn men into women. In ever species of mammal, the male is the leader. That is the way nature intended it. When you start messing with that, weird crazy shit starts to happen. Sorry ladies, kitchen work is your job, not a mans.

  2. Feminism is a hate movement that has just one remaining objective: to dehumanize and denigrate all men, boys, and fathers.

  3. To be honest, this campaign isn’t saying that men are losers, or lazy, or nearly anything near what the degree the description makes it out to be. The campaign’s goal of 50-50% shares of housework doesn’t mean that men should do more housework than women. The fact that men are more exposed to fatalities in work, or that men work more hours on average isn’t really related to this particular campaign, and neither are this guy’s arguments. Consider for a moment if feminism really is a threat to men, or whether perhaps some people want you to believe that by repeating again and again that feminists will be the bane of mankind. If you are capable of critical thinking, the answer should be clear. People who think that feminists are evil, and extreme feminists both have something in common, that their beliefs hardly have any root in reality. It’s a shame that people fight over this kind of nonsense.


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