How to Maximize Your Lifting Potential

How to Maximize Your Lifting Potential

If you want to make any progress in the crazy world of bodybuilding you absolutely must be accountable. The information you need to build a great physique is out there. All of the equipment, food and supplements you need are available to you.

How to Maximize Your Lifting Potential

It all comes down to you – simply put, if you aren’t accountable for your actions (or lack thereof) you won’t make it very far.

What if you had a mentor who was considered an expert of all areas bodybuilding – training, nutrition, rest, etc. This person would follow you around and make sure you were doing everything perfectly – they wouldn’t give you a break and would even resort to yelling, name-calling or even violence if it meant keeping you on your regiment.

This person isn’t trying to be your friend – he’s trying to make sure that you do everything you need to in order to build an amazing physique. For example, if you tried to go to McDonald’s one morning for breakfast instead of cooking your egg white omelet he would ignore it.

Or if you tried to skip leg day and instead do abs – he would be all over you. Even if you were performing an exercise with sub-optimal form and risking injury he would correct it for you. You would have no choice but to follow what this person was saying.

maximize your lifting potential

This guy would scream at you if you forgot your testosterone boosting supplement or forgot to consume casein protein before sleep. – Btw. we’ve talked about the important of your t-levels before. Check it out here.

Don’t you think you would maximize your lifting potential?

After one year of training and living this way, how do you think you would look? Your friends and family would probably be in awe of your transformation. It would be your best year in terms of gains – even better than when you first started and were going through the noob gains phase.

People would assume you were taking steroids and may even go as far as to schedule an intervention with you. Girls would ask you to take your shirt off so they could see your ripped physique. Supplement companies would be approaching you offering sponsorship deals.

After seeing the tremendous gains you achieved by having this mentor follow you around all the time how motivated would you be to get back into the gym for year 2?

You would likely be so excited that you wouldn’t even need this person anymore. If they disappeared you wouldn’t even notice it anymore because you had built the habit of being accountable day in and day out.

maximize your lifting potential

You might be wondering what kind of point we are trying to make here. In fact, you might even find this entire article creepy. Well, having someone follow you everywhere is definitely weird, but it’s more about trying to get you to visualize a certain lifestyle.

When it comes to training and dieting you want to picture yourself living like this guy. You want to imagine that you are 100% accountable for every action you take, every single day. Try and find someone who can help you make yourself accountable – whether that’s a friend, family member or training partner.

Or just visualize yourself living this intense, dedicated lifestyle and do it!

Believe us, every single top bodybuilder out there went through this kind of training in order to get to the top of the sport. If you aren’t willing to do it for a year or two in order to drastically change your physique you simply don’t want it badly enough.

By using this approach you will definitely maximize your lifting potential!

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