Markus Rühl Asked About Steroids: “We Are Drug Tested”

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The German bodybuilder Markus Rühl is one of the most enormous mass monsters on the bodybuilding stage.

Markus Rühl was one of the biggest guys on stage every time he competed, and his competition weight was around 280 lbs.

In his career as a professional bodybuilder, Rühl made several Mr. Olympia appearances.

Markus Rühl’s best record at the Olympia was in 2004 when he got 5th place; Ronnie Coleman won that Olympia.

Markus Rühl’s best wins were in the 2002 Toronto pro Classic and The Nights of Champions in 2000.

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With one of the most enormous physiques in bodybuilder, Rühl was known for his massive offseason shape, weighing in at around 150 kg (330 lbs) in the offseason

In an interview, Rühl gets asked about steroids, and he is not comfortable talking about steroids as the reporter pressures him to answer if he uses steroids or not.

Rühl gets asked, “What about steroids”?

Steroid is a very difficult theme in the sport because I will say something in bodybuilding we all get drug tested because we want to have the sport very legal and we want to have a clean sport. The thing is not a lot of people have a lot of knowledge on bodybuilding. If somebody have a big arm they must be using steroids

The reporter then replies: “You must be using steroids in the offseason.”

Not really we are drug tested like anybody else

The reporter then answers, “Are you telling me you have never done steroids?”

I never tell you, you ask me the questions if I am using steroids in the moment or not, we are all drug tested because we are members of the federation of IFBB we all get contracts and we are drug tested, and if we get tested(positive for steroids) we get out of the IFBB.

Even though the steroid part in this interview is entertaining, the whole discussion is also very informative on what it takes to be a massive bodybuilder.

Markus Rühl Asked About Steroids in an Interview (video)

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