Mark Bell Visits Natural Bodybuilder the Liver King and Finds No Steroids

Mark Bell Visits Natural Bodybuilder the Liver King and Finds No Steroids

The Liver King has taken the fitness industry by storm.

He claims he only eats raw liver and meat.

The Liver King promotes this lifestyle in conjunction with his supplement line.

Apparently, he is approaching 9-figures ($XXX,XXX,XXX.00 USD).

So, that must mean he is hugely popular amongst a large group of people.

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Obviously, with a physique this impressive and a diet so out of the norm, people have questioned his integrity.

Is he taking steroids? Does he really eat this way?

These are questions many people have.

Mark Bell a popular figure in the strongman and bodybuilding industry visited the Liver King on his ranch and spent the day with him.

Here’s what he found out:

Mark Bell visits the Liver King

Mark Bell believes the Liver King might be telling the truth in regards to his natty-for-life status.

Here’s what he said on his Instagram page:

This guy @liverking is for real.

He’s a hell of an Entrepreneur approaching 9 figures and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that one day he’s a billionaire.

So I think there’s a lot to be learned from this man from that perspective and many others.

From what I’ve seen his wife doesn’t need to be rescued or his children Rad and Stryker.

Me and my brother got to check out liver king lake house and liver king ranch which is over 500 acres.

This is high energy positive guy that loves to have fun.

We went on his boat, shot a bunch of amazing guns and I even broke one of many of his razors in a mud pit.

We also ate together and lifted together.

His physique is beyond impressive so there’s lots of Steroid allegations.

I asked his very direct about any and all performance enhancers.

He said definitely that he doesn’t and has never.

He was 175 in college and now he’s 190-195 and he’s 45 years old.

Even though that not a huge guy when you’re 5’7 that’s a really amazing amount to build and hold on to….is it impossible though???

I don’t think so.

In fact I’ve been single digit bf in my life weighing about 205-210 and i was 19….

Is the @liverking clean?

I don’t know.

All I can do is go off his word and my interactions with him.

Nothing I can do here or in the podcast we did that would prove anything.

No test would be good enough.

No words would be Strong enough.

But I do know that Liver King is everything he is on IG, Tik Tok, YT or where ever else you may see him.

He doesn’t change he just gets a bit louder…but to be honest he’s loud as fuck anyway and he talks up a storm….imagine having him a @bigstrongfast in a room together…..haha I was there for it.

Anyway for what it’s worth I searched his homes even his mini fridges and I didn’t find a cup cake, peanut butter cup, a syringe, a Sarm or any GH.

However there was a giant wharehouse he had on one of his properties that said Tren or some shit like that but i’m sure that’s nothin!

The Liver King is real folks, his Abs are real, I even felt them (hey now).

He’s a positive guy with a dope message.

Maybe you don’t agree and that’s ok.

We crushed this podcast and you guys can determine for yourself if he has useful information.”

Interesting take from the man himself (Mark Bell)

What do you think about what mark Bell had to say about it?

Do you agree with Mark?

Or is this all just a bunch of bulls**t?

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