11 Ways to Make Sure Your Testosterone Levels DON'T Drop

11 Ways to Make Sure Your Testosterone Levels DON’T Drop

Did you know your testosterone levels peak in your 20s and then gradually decrease for the rest of your life? That means if you don’t take action to keep your t-levels high you will start to experience the low-testosterone symptoms as you age.

These include low energy levels, low libido, less muscle mass and more body fat. While we might no longer be competing in school athletics or going to spring break beach parties it doesn’t mean we still don’t’ want to look and feel our best.

Today we’ve gone ahead and put together 11 tips on how you can keep your t-levels as high as possible so you can continue to feel great even as you age!

Get Rid of that Extra Body Fat

make sure your testosterone levels don't drop

You might have thought that bulking up was a great way to increase your test levels. Nope, not at all.

Do you need help getting rid of those last few pounds of fat? – Check out our guide to fat burners that actually work here.

In addition to reducing testosterone levels, carrying a lot of body fat will also cause your body to store estrogen. Numerous studies have shown that having more fat cells means your body has higher capacity for estrogen storage.

As we known estrogen is a testosterone killer – it works against testosterone and really messes up your physique. For those of you above the 15% bodyfat threshold there is some goods news – when you lose fat you will not only boost testosterone but you will also reduce your estrogen levels – so you get double the benefit.

As a result this is one of the most important things you can do to get your t-levels up. After all, it doesn’t matter how high your testosterone levels are if you also have a lot of estrogen in your body it will just counter the effects.

Enough with the Crash Dieting

Let’s say you want to get shredded for summer or a special event, say a vacation.

What do most people do?

They go from their usual diet to an extremely strict diet seemingly overnight. It might seem effective on paper – you are going into a calorie deficit so your body should cut fat, right?

Well, whenever you drastically change the calorie consumption your body panics and goes into starvation mode. This is an evolutionary function – remember that hundreds of years ago it was common for people to all of a sudden be without food so you needed to be able to survive sometimes for days without eating.

While this mechanism is effective for survival back then we are now in an era where food is plentiful.

Unfortunately our bodies haven’t quite caught up to modern-day realities and probably won’t do so for some time – they still act like it’s the middle ages!

As a result, when your body goes into survival mode your body will reduce testosterone production and other functions. That means what used to be a 300 calorie deficit is now eating at maintenance calories since your metabolism is not as high.

If you want to lose fat you need to slowly reduce calorie consumption and mix in some cardio.

Your body likes slow changes, not sudden, drastic ones.

Lift Heavy

make sure your testosterone levels don't drop with age

For some reason guys feel like they need to lift lower weights for higher reps when they are on a cut. This doesn’t actually help with your fat loss and if anything will make you look worse.

You see, lifting heavy weights causes more testosterone to be produced in the body. The best way to really overload the muscles is with compound exercises – movements that work multiple muscle groups.

These will cause the biggest testosterone releases. It might seem strange but this is why working your legs with squats and deadlifts can actually lead to having bigger arms – your body releases way more testosterone this way and the rest of your muscle groups benefit even if they are getting less direct work.

In addition to lifting heavy you should also pay attention to the pace of each rep. A lot of people will lift the weight slowly during the positive portion of the rep and then drop it right down during the negative.

Instead you should be focusing on being more explosive during the positive portion and lowering the weight slowly during the negative portion. Stay in the 6-8 rep range to make sure you are lifting heavy but also make sure each rep is under control.

If you are just using momentum to swing the weight you aren’t going to benefit much and might actually set yourself up with a nasty injury.

Get Some Rest

Do you know when your body releases the most testosterone? It’s when you are sleeping! Therefore if you aren’t giving yourself enough shut-eye you are missing out on the best and easiest way to boost your testosterone levels.

Give yourself 8 hours of sleep each night – not just once or twice a week. You need to consistently give your body enough sleep otherwise your t-levels won’t go up.

You also want to make sure you are getting enough rest during the day and during your workout as well. Give yourself at least 90 seconds between each set and more if you feel you need it.

Failing to give yourself enough rest is considered overtraining and will lead to reduced performance and lower testosterone levels. Also make sure you take 48 hours off after training a particularly muscle group.

For example if you train chest on monday at 12:00 you should wait until wednesday at 12:00 before training that same muscle group again.

That’s about what your body needs to recover fully and failing to give your body enough time will lead to reduced testosterone levels.

Consume the Right Nutrients

If you’re serious about building muscle you’re going to want to take this seriously: Read our report which shows you exactly what kind of natural nutrients and ingredients you should be looking for when trying to increase your test levels. – Read it here.

You need to get it out of your head that fat content in food is bad for you -in fact it’s quite the opposite. For some reason it became popular to avoid foods that contained fat and instead focus on low-fat foods with added sugar.

The truth is that these foods are actually terrible for your t-levels. Your body needs fat in order to produce testosterone so your daily calorie intake should contain plenty of fats – at least 30%.

You also want to make sure you eat plenty of veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, etc. They are loaded with nutrients that will absolutely destroy estrogen levels and flush them out of the body.

Stick to raw, whole foods and avoid the highly processed stuff. They tend to contain a lot of additives and chemical that will boost your estrogen levels and reduce testosterone.

Get Rid of Sources of Stress

We all get stressed out at times – it’s unavoidable. However, if you have areas in your life that are constantly stressing you out you are going to want to find a way to deal with them.

Stress causes our bodies to produce cortisol which in turn reduces our testosterone levels. If you are feeling overwhelmed take a few minutes to unplug and relax for a bit.

Similarly if you stress your body too much with a 4-hour marathon workout you will also experience a drop in testosterone levels. Try to keep your workout sessions to under an hour otherwise you risk spiking your cortisol levels.

While working out for hours on end might have been effective for Arnold back in the day it likely won’t have much of a positive effect on you.

Cut the Booze

See what happens to your T-levels when you drink beer.

Consuming alcohol boosts your estrogen levels and as a result reduces testosterone. It also impacts the ability of your body to recover since generally speaking people tend to go drinking late at night.

As a result they don’t get a proper 8 hours of sleep and don’t allow their muscles to grow properly.

Have More Sex

If only it were that easy – I’m sure a lot of guys wouldn’t mind doing this one! Studies show that having sex and getting an erection causes testosterone levels to rise. Ever wonder why so many guys get “morning wood” ?

It’s because our testosterone levels are so high when we sleep!

Take a Testosterone Booster That Works

You should know by now just how important it is to have high testosterone levels, right?

That is why you’re going to have to consider adding a quality testosterone booster to your diet. But you have to beware of companies that put ineffective fillers in their supplement just to make more money of you.

You have to make sure that your test boosters contains only proven ingredients. You can find out which ingredients to look for in our ultimate guide to testosterone boosters. – You can read it here.

We spent more than two months on this guide, we wanted to make sure we knew exactly which ingredients work and which do not. And for that reason we’re thinking whether we should start charging guys a small fee for reading it, simply because it will save you hundreds of dollars anyway.

But at least for now you can read it for free here: Read our report on testosterone boosters.

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