10 Ways To Lower Male Estrogen Levels and Increase Testosterone

10 Ways to Lower Male Estrogen Levels

We are seeing more and more attention in the media lately of all the ways we are messing up our hormone levels by consuming products that are packed with estrogen. Thanks to all the studies coming out we are finally realizing just how bad estrogen is for us and are taking action towards lowering our intake.

In addition to being bad for your health, estrogen actually lowers your testosterone levels which means you will have a harder time building muscle, staying lean and keeping your energy levels up.

We want to help people avoid the horrors of estrogen so we went ahead and put together a list of 10 tips you can follow in order to limit estrogen production and as a result bring your testosterone levels back up.

Remember that this is a full-time commitment. If you start to let your diet and lifestyle slip you will see your testosterone production slip.

Therefore if you are serious about bringing up those t-levels make sure you follow these tips year-round.

Ditch the Extra Fat

You know those fat cells you are carrying around your midsection?

Well as it turns out they are packed with estrogen. As a result the more fat you carry the higher your estrogen levels will be. It’s also been shown that men who carry lots of body fat tend to have lower testosterone levels.

See a connection here?

If you are looking to reduce your estrogen levels one of the first things you should be looking at doing is losing body fat. Note that we didn’t say lose weight because losing muscle won’t help your estrogen levels.

You want to make sure you are losing body fat specifically. This really messes guys up because skinny fat guys don’t realize they have high estrogen levels.

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They consider themselves lean even though the reality is that their body fat % is high and therefore so are their estrogen levels. The good news is once you start cutting that fat you will notice a quick drop in estrogen levels.

Consume More Veggies

lower estrogen in male and increase testosterone

While a lot of guys might think it’s feminine to eat a lot of vegetables the truth is that it will actually do wonders for decreasing your estrogen levels.

Cruciferous vegetables specifically like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and kale are loaded with nutrients that will crush your estrogen levels.

There are a number of reasons vegetables can take your estrogen down. First, they contain Zinc which is scientifically proven to boost testosterone. It also prevents your testosterone from being converted to estrogen.

They also contain compounds that help keep estrogen levels down and even washes it out of your system – pretty sick, right? Who knew those weird-looking foods could do such wonders for your body.

Try to avoid boiling them as this can remove some of the nutrients. Instead have them steamed or even raw if you can handle it!

Don’t Eat Processed Meats

Meat can be one of the best things for your testosterone levels provided that it’s coming from the right sources. Otherwise it can actually boost your estrogen levels! As long as you are eating grass-fed and organic meat then you are in the clear.

They contain natural cholesterol and saturated fats that do wonders for boosting your t-levels.

However, the processed meats that are raised in factories and loaded with hormones should be avoided. The stuff they inject them with is actually pretty bad for you and will cause your estrogen levels to go up.

Corporations raise them this way because they can make them bigger and avoid any chance of them dieing off from disease. While that might help their profits it certainly won’t do any favors for your health.

As you’ve probably figured out whatever they are injecting those animals with is ultimately ending up inside of YOU. That’s why you need to be extra careful with the types of meat you consume so that you don’t put that crap in your system.

Add some Citrus Fruits to your Diet

Grapes, lemons, oranges and limes are all citrus fruits that can help lower your estrogen levels. They also make great snacks – particularly after a workout given their natural sugars.

However, just make sure you don’t go overboard with them as having too much sugar can impede your body’s ability to burn fat.

No More Soy Products

If you are serious about lowering your estrogen levels you will have to say goodbye to soy products. They are loaded with nutrients that boost your estrogen levels – which is probably why we get so sleepy, lazy and bloated after eating asian dishes that are loaded with the stuff.

That includes soybean oil – so make sure you check with your waiter next time you are placing an order and try to get your food cooked with something else. A lot of people report feeling much more energetic and positive once they finally cut soy products out of their diet – no doubt in part because of they weren’t loading themselves with estrogen anymore.

No More Heavy Drinking Sessions

While we enjoy getting smashed as much as the next guy unfortunately it’s not compatible with a high-testosterone lifestyle. You see, heavy drinking will actually boost your estrogen levels and stop you from producing more testosterone.

That’s because your body is too busy filtering the alcohol in your liver to worry about regulating your hormones. Also, it affects your sleep and energy levels particularly the next day.

That means you won’t have a good workout and therefore won’t get the benefits of a solid resistance-training session.

Avoid Beer

decrease estrogen and increase testosterone

If you are going to drink make sure you don’t order beer. Even though it’s the go-to drink for a guy’s night out you are much better off ordering something else. It contains tons of estrogen and will absolutely mess with your hormone levels.

The reason that beer got the reputation of being a masculine drink is because hundreds of years ago it used to be blended with herbs. However, they have since switched production to hop which are loaded with estrogen which has calmed men down as a result.

You could speculate that it’s because they want to keep men tame and docile but we won’t get into that here. All you need to know is that you should avoid beer.

Train for Strength

Too many guys go to the gym and perform a never-ending circuit of isolation exercises with light free-weights. This is not the way to build muscle and it certainly won’t keep your estrogen levels down.

Instead, focus on performing compound lifts with free-weights. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press and pull-ups are great choices for boosting your testosterone levels and reducing your estrogen.

Not to mention you will look and feel a heck of a lot better.

Get More Sleep

If you aren’t getting enough rest you are setting yourself up for failure. When you sleep your body actually does most of it’s testosterone producing so if you are skipping out on your 8-hours of shuteye you won’t be getting much production.

Don’t let all your hard work dieting, working out and avoiding booze go to waste because you aren’t getting enough rest.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels with a Testosterone Booster

decrease estrogen and increase testosterone
All guys want higher testosterone levels, right?

This section is only for those guys that are serious about increasing their testosterone levels to reveal their muscular manly physique that all women drool over. If you’re not one of those guys then please leave.

If you’re anything like me you’re always looking for ways to get jacked fast, safely and naturally. That is why we put together the ultimate guide on testosterone boosters. You can read it here.

Unlike other muscle building blogs, we here at BroScience keep it real with you: A lot of bodybuilders take steroids every year in order to boost their testosterone levels.

While this is effective for building muscle it also puts you at risk of all kinds of health-related issues. It can come with serious side-effects such as man-boobs, baldness and you can even become infertile.

Not to mention the supplement industry has already developed safe and natural supplements containing all natural ingredients, that can SAFELY and NATURALLY increase your bodies own testosterone production. – See which ingredients actually work here.

With that being said, it’s not some kind of magic pill that once you swallow it makes you become Hulk.

If a company claims to have some kind of a magic formula then stay away it’s most likely a scam.

This is exactly why we spent more than two months and a lot of our money to research all these different testosterone boosters and the ingredients found in them. We were sick and tired of seeing fellow lifters waste their money on products that don’t work.

You can read our report here: Read our ultimate guide to testosterone boosters now.

Just make sure you pick up a quality product otherwise you will end up wasting your time and money.


If you follow all of these tips you will be in the top 1% in terms of testosterone levels. A lot of guys don’t know it but the testosterone levels of men around the world have been steadily dropping for years now as a result of bad diets, chemicals in our food and water, lack of exercise and a number of other factors.

Fortunately there is a lot more awareness now about the negative effects of estrogen so you can make sure you avoid the mistakes you’ve been making up until now!

Add in a natural testosterone boosters that contains legit ingredients.

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