Liver King’s ex-Coach who leaked emails steps forward and roasts him

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It seems like the story about how Liver King was exposed about his steroid use via leaked emails is finally piecing together as the former coach of Liver King, Vigorous Steve steps forward and talked about why he leaked the emails.

Vigorous Steve explained that he is the man behind exposing Liver King for using steroids:

Yes I am the guy that shared those private emails with Derek from more plates more dates, after more compelling evidence have come to the surface The Liver King was indeed using performance enhancing drugs.

In fact, Vigorous Steve didn’t end up coaching The Liver King for a long time, he refunded Liver King the money after only 2-3 weeks of coaching because he felt that The Liver King only wanted to use him for steroid recommendation and ignored the health aspect.

Steve believed that Liver King ignored the dietary recommendation he suggested to him, even though his diet needed a lot of changes.

In the video, Steve also explains he was trying to phase out of coaching to focus on his youtube channel and want his client to stay healthy and asked the Liver King for additional health screening instead of getting checked out. The Liver King told Steve he is fine, this was enough of red flags for Steve to terminate the contract and refund the Liver King his money.

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Steve explains he refunded the Liver King because of miscommunication and a ton of red flags, he also explains why he leaked the emails:

I Derek permission to use the emails in a redacted form to help Brian aka The Liver King finally come clean and end the lies dead in their tracks which to a certain extend he did, he admitted to experimenting and taking the performance enhancing drugs at the time he filled out the questionnaire and then he patched on lie with another lie, saying that he is currently under doctor supervised replacement therapy. Take it from me, nobody on the planet looks like that on TRT just by itself and when you look at the timeline of when he started getting popular, now he looks better, now he looks leaner, now he looks fuller.

Steve explains that he believes that The Liver King was not truthful on the questionnaire he sent him.

He just gave me enough information to fix his IGF1 levels but his blood work results weren’t very representative of the cycle he presented to me, not regarding the use of anabolic androgenic steroids, so at the time he said he was on a cruise dose of testosterone cypionates, how many blasts or how many cycles he did previously, I don’t know, we didn’t really get that far in our coaching collaboration because it only lasted two or three weeks and how many cycles and blasts he did afterwards, I’m not entirely sure either, what I do know is that physique is not very representative of a trt dose which is medically accepted.

Steve explained how he started working with the Liver King and why he ended the collaboration and gave him a full refund.

One and a half years ago Brian contacted me for coaching, he wanted to sign up for an entire year but at that time I was slowly trying to phase out my coaching services so I could focus more of my time on his YouTube channel. I told him I wanted to do a consultation first so we could have a feel for each other, see what his goals were, see if I could fix anything during the consultation and maybe not accept him but since he was so driven, since he was financially secure and very eager to get started, basically the clientele I like to work with I decided to take him on for 6 months, a shorter period of time he proposed but usually withing 6 months it’s usually enough to feel each other out and see if you want to continue the coach and client relationship. I sent him the coaching questionnaire and he filled it out all by himself and when I got it back I started getting concerned for his health. The diet he was on, the performance enhancing drug protocol he was on, and the blood work results left a lot of improvement but I felt confident with time, I could improve his current state of health and lead him towards his goals so I started working on his nutritional program which contains the supplements he was currently taking, the performance enhancing drugs and the overall daily schedule. This is an Excel sheet I use for all of my clients, it contains all of the micronutrients, as well as the amino acids, carbohydrate breakdown and the fatty acids, it’s very extensive all of the minerals and vitamins that all the food sources contain, lets just say that everything I know about nutrition, he wasn’t really doing properly, a lot of simple sugars, a lot of saturated fat, a lot of fat in general, very high retinal vitamin A intake, so everything he was currently doing at the time one half and a years ago, I put into an Excel sheet and presented it to him with a list of recommendations as a starting point, now that took a little while to compose. I asked him to do additional health screening going forward, he told me he felt fine, that’s a huge red flag for me, I’ve heard this a hundred times before from competitive bodybuilders they’re very reluctant to get their health in order, knowing that this was going to turn into a headache and wanting to phase out of the coaching services anyway I decided to refund him his money.

Watch the full video below, where Steve talks about his coaching The Liver King and why he dropped him as a client in the video below:

Liver King’s ex-Coach who leaked emails steps forward and roasts him (video)

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