Natural Lifter Liver King Takes a Famous Influencer through his daily routine

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Brian Johnson, aka Liver King, has taken the internet by storm for his incredibly muscular, ripped physique and unconventional diet, primarily based on eating raw meat organs such as the liver.

45-year-old Brian Johnson is known for his intense workouts; he lives out in the country and has a huge house with everything he needs to live an ancestral lifestyle.

The Liver King is also the owner of Ancestral Supplements, which are supplements made out of the beef liver and other organs which are supposed to have many different health benefits.

Even though The Liver King eats an extreme diet and has an insane work ethic, he has been accused of using steroids by huge figures such as Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan has said on his podcast that the Liver King is full of steroids.

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However, The Liver King has made a video responding to these accusations and claims to be a lifetime natural lifter.

With his extreme diet and work ethic, he could be one of the most impressive natural lifters in the world.

Jesse James West, a famous fitness influencer, spent a couple of days with Liver King, where he went through the routine of The Liver King by eating the same way, training, and doing everything The Liver King does to be successful.

It’s interesting to watch, and no one quite like the Liver King; he brings a unique outlook on fitness, and it’s exciting and informative to see how he lives his life.

Watch the video below where Jesse James West goes through Liver King’s daily routine:

Natural Lifter Liver King Takes a Famous Influencer through his daily routine

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