Lit Pre Workout Review: “Is It Actually worth buying?”

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Lit pre workout ranks 46th out of 125 pre workouts – See complete list here


  • Contains proven ingredients
  • No proprietary blend
  • Good dose of caffeine and beta-alanine


  • Some ingredients underdosed
  • Missing key ingredients
  • Contains a few unnecessary ingredients

As a relative newcomer to the supplement market, it’s an ideal time for us to have a Lit Pre Workout review.

Performance-enhancing supplements come and go—so often in fact that it’s tough to know if they’re improvements on established products or just cheap ineffective copies.

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You’re with me on that, yeah?

It’s an issue—because the seriously powerful pre-workouts can genuinely max out our training sessions. Giving us more energy, stamina, power, and focus than we ever believed possible. The last thing we want is to be buying a dud product.

So, does Lit meet the demands of the serious bodybuilder?

I’m going to spell it out for you.

In this Lit Pre-Workout review, you’ll learn that things aren’t always what they seem. I’ll make an in-depth analysis of what it is, how it works, and whether it’s gonna send you into savage beast mode. Or not.

Ready to be told the truth? Read on.

Lit Pre Workout Review

Lit Pre Workout Review
Want to know what’s better than LIT pre-workout? Find out in our article on the best pre-workout supplements on the market.

Do you remember I said at the beginning of this Lit Pre Workout review that it’s a new product?

Well, it is—kind of.

You see, it appears this pre-workout, manufactured by Beyond Raw, has been released to replace their now discontinued Savage pre-workout. And, if you’ve been in the supplement market for a while, you’ll know this was a fairly standard supplement—it was ok, but didn’t make a great impact on the bodybuilding community.

Beyond Raw is a brand owned by GNC—which is why you’ll only find it for sale on their website (well, and their own Amazon store outlet).

Listen up.

Lit Pre Workout, according to the manufacturer’s’ description, is designed to:

  • Be clinically dosed for serious performance-enhancing power.
  • Elevate energy both on training and rest days.
  • Boost mental clarity.
  • Build massive pumps.
  • Improve strength.

So, how does this performance-enhancing supplement function? Let me explain how in the next part of this Lit Pre Workout review.

How Does Lit Pre Workout Work?

The ingredients in Lit Pre Workout are designed to improve training performance by:

  • Creating massive pumps and boosting strength—Lit contains ingredients known to increase blood supply to the muscles—thus creating visually impressive pumps and providing them with power-boosting oxygen.
  • Stimulating the brain—this pre-workout is formulated to enhance mental function, elevating drive, and improving the brain-muscle pathway.
  • Raising energy levels—stimulants within Lit are included to ensure you have all the vitality you require for a rewarding workout.
  • Reducing muscle fatigue—Lit has ingredients that can prevent your sets, reps, and training days being cut short.

But how do the ingredients achieve these results? The next section of this Lit Pre Workout review will explain.

Lit Pre Workout Ingredients

Lit Pre Workout Ingredients

With seven active ingredients, it’s a reasonably loaded supplement. Here’s what it contains.

  • Beta-alanine as CarnoSyn—acts to lower production of the fatigue-causing lactic acid and reduce the chance of acidosis.1
  • Creatine monohydrate—an ingredient which boosts the production of the muscle-contracting adenosine triphosphate (ATP), enhancing stamina.2
  • Caffeine anhydrous—a stimulant with all the water removed, making it a more potent form of caffeine.3
  • elevATP—formed from ancient peat and apple extract, which, like creatine, can boost ATP production.4
  • Coffea arabica as NeuroFactor—may improve neurological function.5
  • L-citrulline—elevates nitric oxide levels increasing vasodilation, and therefore delivering more blood to the muscles.6
  • Arginine as Nitrosigine—as with citrulline, it boosts blood flow leading to improved pumps and extended endurance.7

But, this Lit Pre Workout review wouldn’t be complete without checking whether this supplement contains enough of these ingredients to be a powerful pre-workout—or if any of the serious players are missing.

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Lit Pre Workout Ingredients Breakdown

Some ingredients are invaluable for a genuinely potent pre-workout. I’ve listed them below to show you how Lit Pre Workout stands up.

  • ✓Caffeine
  • ✓Beta-Alanine
  • ✓Citrulline Malate
  • ✘Betaine Anhydrous
  • ✘L-Theanine
  • ✘Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • ✘Black pepper extract (Bioperine)
  • ✓L-Arginine

Lit Pre Workout contains half the ingredients that should be included in the very best pre-workouts—making it appear somewhat as an average performer.

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Of these included compounds—the doses are ok. Not majorly powerful, nor drastically under-represented. Beta-alanine’s inclusion at 3.2 grams is satisfactory, and caffeine at 250 mg is probably ideal, if not edging towards too much.

I would have preferred to see more citrulline and arginine, though. At 4.5 grams, compared to a serious pump-building dose of 6 grams seen in some pre-workouts, it’s too weak.

Lit Pre Workout vs. Other Pre Workouts

Want to see how Lit performs in this Lit Pre Workout review against the popular brands?

Here you are:

4 Gauge vs. Lit Pre Workout

There’s simply no contest—4 Gauge is the most powerful pre-workout on the market.

It’s head and shoulders above Lit Pre Workout with its inclusion of 6000 mg of citrulline—together with all the important ingredients listed above. 4 Gauge is probably the best pre-workout I’ve ever seen.

Lit Pre Workout vs. C4

With larger doses of both arginine and creatine, Lit Pre Workout is a winner in this comparison.

Ghost vs. Lit Pre Workout

Again, Lit Pre Workout just edges ahead with higher doses of beta-alanine and the total lack of citrulline in Ghost.

Lit Pre Workout Side Effects

Lit Pre Workout Side Effects

Here’s where this Lit Pre Workout review shows you the downsides of taking this supplement.

Guys taking this supplement have experienced:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Stomach cramps.
  • The “jitters.”
  • Heart palpitations.

Usually, this can be accounted for by the caffeine content.

Additionally, other guys sometimes suffer from a “tingling” sensation. This is a known side effect of beta-alanine—but it’s perfectly harmless and soon passes.8

Lit Pre Workout Before After Results

Don’t just trust my Lit Pre Workout review, here are genuine testimonials from guys who have used this pre-workout.

“The first pre that I’ve bought in over 2 years. It works.”

Joshua S

“I get a good pump, good energy.”


“Made me way too jittery and just felt like my heart was pounding.”

S Hardek

Doesn’t give me any type of boost.”


This does not make my workouts any better.”

Saul G.

“Stay away from this! It didn’t give me the energy boost that I was looking to gain.”


6 days in and this is the worst pre-workout I’ve ever had.

Todd N

It appears in this Lit Pre Workout review that a few guys experience some positive results, while others feel nothing.

So, if you’re wondering—how long does Lit Pre Workout take to kick in? The chances are a long time—maybe never.

Where to Buy Lit Pre Workout?

This supplement is only available from the official GNC site and the GNC store on Amazon.

Lit Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Lit Pre Workout does contain some scientifically proven performance-enhancing ingredients.

The problem is, there aren’t enough of them, nor are they in sufficient doses.

Listen up.

I guess you could use Lit Pre Workout for running—if you just wanted a gentle kick to your treadmill labors.

But, if like me, you’re a serious gym junkie—looking to supercharge your workouts, push through like a machine, and build immense mass, it’s just not powerful enough.

The bottom line.

For the ultimate in training performance—select one of the best pre-workout supplements that contain all the potent ingredients I listed earlier. You’ll then witness results that are literally off the scale.


“How to Take Lit Pre Workout?”

Mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water and consume around 30-45 minutes before your workout.

“How Much Does Lit Pre Workout Cost?”

One tub of Lit Pre Workout (14.56 ounces) costs $39.99.

“Is Lit Pre Workout Safe?”

Although there are no severe side effects reported from taking this supplement, some guys may experience headaches, nausea, or “jitters” related to caffeine. Additionally, you may feel “tingling” from the beta-alanine ingredient.

“Where Can You Buy Lit Pre Workout?”

You can purchase this supplement, as mentioned earlier in this Lit Pre Workout review, from the official GNC page or GNC’s store on Amazon.

“Does Lit Pre Workout Really Work?”

As you’ve seen earlier in this Lit Pre Workout Review—while some guys have seen some performance improvements, it appears in the main this pre-workout is much too weak for serious training gains.

“Is Lit Pre Workout Vegan?”

No, after asking the manufacturer is Lit Pre-workout vegan, it appears it isn’t.

“Is Lit Pre Workout Good for Running?”

If you’re a running hobbyist who likes to take it steady, then yes, it may give you a little boost.

However, if you’re a serious or competitive athlete—it lacks the power performance you need from a pre-workout.

“What Flavors Are Available for Lit Pre Workout?”

This pre-workout is available in fruit punch, gummy worm, blue raspberry, icy fireworks, iced tea and strawberry lemonade, cotton candy, orange mango, pineapple upside-down cake, and bubblegum flavors.

“Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?”

A 100 percent money-back guarantee is offered as long as the product is returned within 30 days, used or unused. Shipping and handling are not included.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Lit Pre Workout Before Seeing Results?”

While some guys have noticed a little improvement in their performance, many experienced no change to their training at all. Hence, even after consuming one whole tub, you may still not witness any positive results.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

Yes. GNC offers worldwide shipping on their supplements with a few small exclusions. Check the official website for clarification.



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