Ligandrol 4033 Review: INSANE Results but Disturbing Side Effects

Ligandrol 4033 Review: INSANE Results but Disturbing Side Effects

Guys are saying Ligandrol is the ultimate in bulking SARMs—but is it at a cost?

Most of us want to be bigger. Yeah, there are some guys who just want tone—but for the majority of us—making clean and impressive muscle gains is the aim. The issue is, training and nutrition can only take us so far.

Right, yeah?

It seems that guys using the SARM Ligandrol are bulking up like beasts in a ridiculously short space of time—claims of 20-pound gains in a few weeks aren’t uncommon.

But—there’s a catch, right?

This Ligandrol review lifts the lid on this potent SARM—if your balls are big enough to learn the truth—read on.


What Is Ligandrol (LGD-4033)?


Ligandrol (also known as LGD-4033, Anabolicum, and VK5211) is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). While originally conceived by Ligand Pharmaceuticals—currently it’s being further developed by Viking Therapeutics (hence the “VK” name).[1]

But—it’s not being researched for guys like you and me. Instead, Ligandrol pills are being investigated for their powers to prevent muscle loss (from HIV, cancer, and aging) and to inhibit the reduction of bone density due to osteoporosis.[2]

However, these characteristics make this drug immediately attractive to the determined bodybuilder.

“Is Ligandrol a Steroid?”

No. While in many ways Ligandrol LGD-4033 possesses similar anabolic effects to steroids—it functions in a slightly different manner. As a SARM, it targets only the androgen receptors within the body concerned with muscle and bone growth.

Unlike the cluster-bomb approach of steroids which can have an effect on the entire physiology—Ligandrol has little effect on the endocrine system and prostate. This is why many people (mistakenly as you’ll soon see) consider SARMs to be the “safe” version of steroids.

Ligandrol is classed as an Investigational New Drug—the first stage of pharmaceutical development where a drug is allowed to cross inter-state boundaries and begin clinical human trials.[3]

Hence, if you’re a research scientist looking to conduct experiments with Ligandrol, it’s perfectly legal to both purchase and use.

But, I’m guessing you’re not.

Ligandrol is illegal for sale as a dietary supplement under current FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines. That being said—some manufacturers have still included it in some of their products (including Infantry Labs, Panther Sports, and IronMag)—to which they were castigated by the FDA.[4]

Furthermore, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has clamped down hard on the use of SARMs in sport—with them banning their use entirely. Recent testing has found traces of Ligandrol in the urine of five athletes. [5][6]

“How Does Ligandrol Work in the Body?”

Ligandrol is one of the strongest-binding known SARMs to the muscle and bone anabolic receptors. In doing so, it promotes both growth and strength in these two vital areas of bodybuilding.

Research conducted in 2013 indicated that Ligandrol increased strength, muscle mass, and power. This was achieved without affecting the liver or prostate. This study illustrated that in this respect it had similar effects to supplementing with testosterone—but without the typical adverse reactions.[7]

Want to know more about SARMS? Read our article on the best Sarms for bulking and cutting.


Ligandrol Benefits

ligandrol benefits

Since its discovery, the usage of Ligandrol within both bodybuilding and athletic circles has rapidly increased. Here are the main LGD4033 benefits:[8]

Increases the Mass of Lean Muscle

The initial trial of Ligandrol exposed 76 guys to just one milligram for 21 days. During this period, it was found that overall muscle mass increased by 1.2 kg.

What appeared most intriguing, was that these gains were pure muscle—fat stores either remained constant or dropped throughout the course of the trial.[9]

Boosts Bone Density

Developed to counteract the bone-wasting disease osteoporosis—Ligandrol elevates bone density. If you’re someone who really likes to lift the insanely heavy iron—this could prove attractive.[10]

Elevates Both Stamina and Strength

This same study explored how the 76 guys’ stair climbing power and speed were affected by Ligandrol—to test its strength and stamina building properties.

It concluded that the higher the dose—the more their endurance and strength output increased.

Reduces Fat Mass

There’s some evidence that not only can Ligandrol build muscle—equally it can help to increase the rate of fat loss.[11]

This could make the drug appealing to guys undertaking a cutting cycle.

Improves Focus and Determination

Although so far there are no clinical studies on the matter—guys using Ligandrol have reported increased mental ability and focus during their training sessions.

Improves Recovery Time

Research has indicated that Ligandrol (and SARMs in general) could be utilized for their therapeutic effects.

By attaching to both bone and muscle receptors, this drug can help with recovery whether from disease, injury, or weight-training and exercise.

The quicker the muscles rebuild and repair—the sooner you can hit the gym and work them hard again.[12]

Easy to Take

Ligandrol is taken orally in tablet form.

Unlike many steroids such as testosterone enanthate, there’s no requirement for hypodermic injections.

Suitable for Female Bodybuilders

Ligandrol exhibits few unwanted androgenic side effects in women that similar acting steroids can provide—such as a deeper voice and excessive hair growth.

This means that lean gains can be made by females without adverse unwelcome issues.


Ligandrol Results: Before and After LGD-4033 Cycle

Most often Ligandrol is used as a bulking drug, although it can be used as a muscle protector during a cutting cycle. Here are the results you can expect from both scenarios.

Ligandrol Results for Bulking

Ligandrol is most effectively taken when the body has tone and mass—but not to the bodybuilders demanding requirements.

Ensuring that you’ve been working out extensively before Ligandrol use and following a sensible nutrition plan means that your body is in a prime anabolic state for building muscle. Ligandrol just takes it one step further.

Hence, when commencing your bulking cycle with this SARM, you already have solid and defined muscle. One of the first things that guys notice, usually within 3-5 days of use, is that strength and power begin to increase.

Knocking out that final rep becomes easier, and most lifters find they’re adding on extra plates at the end of their first week. If nothing else, this is great for the ego and pumps. Feeling that extra load being pushed out is awesome—and it’s working those muscles hard.

After two weeks of use—improvements are visibly apparent. Mass begins to pile on at an astonishing rate—pounds of muscle gains are not unusual and a quick glance in the gym mirror provides an enormous boost. That, together with your shirt being impressively tighter around the arms and chest.

The gym scales confirm this is the case. But, what’s singularly most astounding to first-time users of Ligandrol, is that these gains are pure muscle—not fat or water retention.

After 3-4 weeks you’re hitting the prime period of bulking. It’s around this time the other guys will want to know your secrets. Strength is continually improving, endurance is increasing, and you’re taking less time to recover.

The boost from your visible results combined with the elevated focus and determination that Ligandrol can provide makes you work even harder.

After week six—some guys find that the massive gains then begin to tail off. Small increases are still made, but the enormous leaps made in the first few weeks have reduced.

It seems to be that some bodybuilders build up a resistance to Ligandrol during the cycle. Although, once they’ve cycled off the SARM and then begun to use it again—the same impressive returns appear.

Ligandrol Results for Cutting

Although not primarily a cutting SARM, it can be used in a stack during one of these cycles.

Working hard to pile on mass through heavy caloric loading and intense training can lead to unwanted weight gain. The muscle is there—the problem is that it’s buried beneath unwanted fat and excess fluids.

During cutting, many SARM junkies opt to use Cardarine. Although not technically a SARM (it’s a receptor agonist) it has the same targeted approach as these similar drugs.

Cardarine does the work of dropping the fat—by increasing your endurance and stamina and making the body use fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. But, no system is perfect. Cutting back on the calories to drop weight can still result in muscle mass being depleted.[13]

In these circumstances, Ligandrol acts as a muscle protector. Guys notice that during cutting cycles—hard and tight definition begins to appear after just two weeks. The hard-earned muscle is not dropping off—while the pounds are.

This process continues throughout the cycle—with Ligandrol achieving the Holy Grail of retaining mass despite the body’s caloric deficit.

At the end of the cycle, guys are left looking totally ripped—sharp, clean lines and awesome musculature that couldn’t be achieved without this SARM.

So, the bottom line—Ligandrol is good for cutting but delivers phenomenal returns for mass building.

However, just before you start loading yourself up with huge doses of this drug to gain a hulk-like physique—hold on. Returns like these can come at a cost—and one which is particularly worrying.

Ligandrol Side Effects Exposed

Ligandrol Side Effects Exposed

Let me start with the good news. In the original Ligandrol study on humans (mentioned earlier) in which guys developed strength, mass, and stamina—you may recall that no issues were found with either their liver or prostate when using this SARM.

This is in contrast to the similar muscle building action of exogenous testosterone—which although can build impressive muscle can also screw with other parts of the physiology.

However, this one study doesn’t paint the full picture. If you read any half-decent Ligandrol reddits or forums, you’ll discover that many guys still experience the steroid-like side adverse issues of:

  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Oily skin.
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upsets and diarrhea.
  • Both hair growth and loss of hair.
  • Excessive fatigue.
  • Joint aches.

While undoubtedly they appear milder than those caused by anabolic steroids—they still can make you feel awful.

However, one of the most serious Ligandrol side effects has been shown through clinical research—it screws up your balls.

The original study on Ligandrol illustrated that, over the course of the 21-day experiment, levels of testosterone continually declined. Hence, with most Ligandrol cycles being a minimum of 42 days—one would expect this issue to be exacerbated.

Furthermore, after the study was completed—it took over eight weeks for T-levels to return to normal. Again, a period that would take longer after a full Ligandrol cycle.

At best, this will mean that some PCT (post-cycle therapy) will be required to ensure testosterone is returned to original levels and prevent muscles from becoming catabolic. However, at worst, the long-term effects of Ligandrol use on the testes are not understood.

Constant use may permanently damage natural testosterone production. Your balls could be wrecked for life.

Ligandrol vs Ostarine

Ligandrol vs Ostarine

Often people ask me—which is better Ligandrol or Ostarine?

The answer depends upon your targets. Ligandrol results are all about mass and strength. It’s a true muscle builder that when combined with serious resistance exercise can take gains off the scale.

Ostarine, to be fair, is still fairly effective at muscle growth. Research has indicated that doses as low as 3 mg can promote impressive mass.[14]

However, Ostarine is mainly used as a cutting aid. Both women and guys using this SARM have witnessed weight loss. This, combined with its power to preserve muscle, make it attractive for shredding.

Hence in a Ligandrol vs Ostarine face-off—there’s no clear winner as they’re used for different purposes.

Where to Buy Ligandrol For Sale

It may be the case that after digesting everything in this Ligandrol review you’re wondering—where’s the best place to buy Ligandrol?

The truth is, obtaining LGD-4033 capsules isn’t that easy, or for that matter, safe.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Ligandrol is only available for legal sale if it’s to be used for research purposes. Selling this drug as a bodybuilding supplement is forbidden. Hence, your only real source is online vendors.

Conducting an internet search for Ligandrol pills will indeed yield numerous positive hits—but that’s where the issues can begin.

The first problem lies in that many of the products currently for sale online either don’t contain the stated dose of Ligandrol or may, in fact, contain none of this ingredient at all.

A survey conducted in 2017 illustrated that out of 44 products, 9 percent contained none of the stated SARMs, 25 percent contained less than the indicated dose, and 39 percent included other non-approved drugs.[15]

As the sale of Ligandrol as a dietary supplement is not regulated—it can mean you consume dangerously high levels or ingest harmful chemicals which aren’t listed on the label.

Furthermore—remember that this drug is still undergoing human testing. Hence, its full effects on human physiology are unknown. You could be exposing yourself to serious risk even if the product purchased contains pure Ligandrol.

Finally, you could just lose your money. As you’ll be purchasing this SARM from an unregulated site—there’s no guarantee that after paying you’ll receive the goods. Vendors online for these products appear and disappear quickly.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Ligandrol Questions

“How to Take Ligandrol?”

Ligandrol should be taken orally every day during a bulking cycle. The usual dose is 10 mg taken at any time—or Ligandrol 5mg twice daily. Females should keep to 5 mg.

During a cutting cycle when this SARM is being used to retain muscle instead of building—a Ligandrol dosage of 3mg should be taken.

For both cycles—continue for six weeks.

“What Is Ligandrol Used For?”

Clinically, Ligandrol is used for the treatment of muscle and bone wasting disease.

In bodybuilding, while Ligandrol can be used for cutting, it’s primarily utilized as a supplement to build large muscle mass.

“How Long Does LGD-4033 Stay in Your System?”

The half-life for Ligandrol is between 24-36 hours.

However, it can remain detectable in the system for a much longer period of time. In one study, a male subject received just one dose of 10 mg of Ligandrol. After seven days, the drug was still being passed out in urine—a further 21 days later and its metabolites were still detected.

Hence, if using before competition, complete cessation is recommended six weeks before testing.[16]

“What Is the Best Ligandrol Dosage?”

For cutting take 3 mg per day, for bulking 10 mg per day (when used as a sole supplement). In both scenarios, a cycle should be completed for 6 weeks.

“How Long Does Ligandrol Stay in Your System?”

Ligandrol is detectable for at least 21 days after use (after just one dose). However, using this drug for an extended period of time (for example a bulking cycle) will probably result in the drug being present in urine for a much longer time period.

“Are SARMs Harmful?”

Yes. While in most cases they cause milder side effects than steroids—they should still be treated with respect.

Some studies have indicated that the most powerful SARMs can destroy liver cells, promote cancerous tumor growth, and inhibit natural testosterone production.

Summary – Ligandrol Reviews Conclusion

Make no mistake—Ligandrol is not some designer snake oil. Numerous clinical studies have proven that this SARM can provide immense muscle and strength gains.

For pure bulk, there’s probably only Testolone that comes close. Although beneficial for cutting cycles, Ligandrol really is a mighty mass maker that makes it stand apart.

But, using it can be risky.

For starters, being unregulated, you’re never fully sure what you’re piling into your body. At best it could be a weak product, at worse it could be dangerous.

Furthermore, Ligandrol still has many of the same (although milder) side effects of steroids. Yet most concerning is that it does affect testosterone production—possibly forever.

You may achieve the bulk of a beast in a few weeks—but you could be on testosterone replacement therapy for years.



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