Lifter Makes Fun of A young man in Planet Fitness; Huge Bodybuilder comes to rescue

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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Joey Swoll has been labeled the CEO of gym positivity and is on a mission to change gym culture.

In recent years we have seen an increase in toxic gym behavior; everyone has a camera on their smartphone, so we see many videos from commercial gyms being posted online.

Some people filming in the gym are filming others to make fun of, humiliate or embarrass.

Then these gym bullies post the videos online for likes and attention.

Joey is on a mission to change this toxic gym culture and has spoken about the struggles many people face starting in the gym.

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Many people don’t go to commercial gyms because they fear they will be judged and made fun of.

Videos of people making fun of others in the gym aren’t making the situation any better for people that are afraid to train in commercial gyms.

Joey Swoll has responded to many gym bullies who film others in the gym to make fun of them.

So far, it has had a dramatic effect; many gym bullies who filmed others have apologized for their behavior or deleted their videos, realizing they shouldn’t make fun of others in the gym.

Joey believes the gym should be an encouraging and positive place where everyone is felt welcome.

Recently a lifter filmed a young man in planet fitness to make fun of his form.

Joey Swoll was not amused and responded to the gym bully.

If you are ever in the gym and see someone struggling, maybe they are new, maybe they don’t know what they are doing, you have two options: option 1 be kind and help them, Option 2 mind your own business. I don’t care what gym you are at; filming them to post on social media to make fun of them for likes and attention is never an option. Kid, you look great, but you need to do better; mind your own business.

Lifter Makes Fun of A young man in Planet Fitness; Huge Bodybuilder comes to rescue (video)

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