Lifter Gets Mad That A Bodybuilder poses in front of his girlfriend, Joey Swoll responds

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Joey Swoll has been labeled the CEO of gym positivity and is on a mission to change toxic gym behavior.

In recent months we have seen many videos from people filming in the gym; some people are filming themselves while others are filming others.

In these videos, we have seen toxic behavior of people mistreating others, belittling them, or making fun of others in the gym.

Joey Swoll is on a mission to change this toxic gym behavior and has spoken about this and encourages people to be kind to each other in the gym.

Joey Swoll is a famous bodybuilder who has amassed millions of followers on his social media platform.

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Now, Joey frequently responds to toxic gym behavior videos and encourages people to do better than being a poisonous gym bully.

Joey has reacted to many videos recently and has been getting a lot of praise from his fans worldwide for defending innocent gym goers that are belittled, bullied, or mistreated in the gym.

The mission Joey is on has already made an impact as many of the gym bullies featured in his videos have either apologized or taken down their videos where they are mistreating other people in the gym.

Recently a competitive bodybuilder was practicing his posing at his gym, another gym goer was not happy about it because he was posing in a public gym in front of his girlfriend.

The gym-goer confronts the bodybuilder who is just trying to practice his posing.

Thankfully the bodybuilder reacted correctly and tried to laugh the whole thing off.

Joey Swoll had his opinion about this incident, and here’s what Joey had to say about this encounter:

This goes to show that gym etiquette can change from gym to gym. Different gyms have different environments and different policies, this is more of an old-school bodybuilding style gym, and it’s pretty common to see competitors posing with their shirts off on the gym floor. Now if you go to let’s say a Crunch gym, Plante Fitness, a 24-hour fitness, it’s against their policy and you won’t see it. But what should remain the same universal at any gym is that everyone should feel welcome, and you should always be kind to others. This man had no business approaching Charlie and cursing at him to try and fight him, that should never happen, and Charlie I want to show you some love and support because not only do you look phenomenal but for you to handle this situation and stay calm, to stay reserved, just to keep smiling and posing, brother that is amazing you deserve all the love. Be more like Charlie.

Lifter Gets Mad That A Bodybuilder poses in front of his girlfriend, Joey Swoll responds (video)

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