Mike O'Hearn Called Out Legend Powerlifter Mark Bell & Later Got Destroyd

Mike O’Hearn Called Out Legend Powerlifter Mark Bell & Later Got Destroyed

Mike O’Hearn called out Mark Bell aka Smelly is one of the top guys in the sport of powerlifting. His best lifts in competition include a 1,025 lb squat, a 832 lb bench press, and a 738 lb deadlift.

In his recent instagram video he calls out Mark Bell and later got destroyed.

Mike O’Hearn made a disrespectful comment about Mark Bell which is a legend in the powerlifting world and Mark did not respond to well:

See what happened in the videos below:


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1 thought on “Mike O’Hearn Called Out Legend Powerlifter Mark Bell & Later Got Destroyed”

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    I follow both these guys and watched all their VIDS on Youtube. RAW Mike O Hearn is just about if not stronger than Mark Bell! Very Close! The assisted lifts are turning descent power lifters into LEGENDS! They should be OUTLAWED because it is cheating. Wearing gear to prevent injury or assist during injury is one thing but using it to pile on hundreds of extra pounds for PR’s and RECORDS is Horse Crap! I have a 525 bench RAW at 230 BW and I am 50 years old, never took any drugs in my life and I wear no supports/Monkey Superman Suits! Mark Bell is Awesome! I watched him bench 578 RAW on Youtube and barely miss 600. BUT, he still may not be able to out total Mike O Hearn RAW on all three lifts. Over a 1,000 on Squat and 832 Bench? Bull Crap! That is 232 pounds heavier than what he can actually lift on the bench – FACT! Lou Simmons claims a first time ever done 600 pound bench. Watch the video, he has a bench shirt on and to this day boasts a first time ever 600 bench! His knowledge is amazing and he is the best trainer EVER most likely but why INFLATE reality! Sorry but Bench Shirts and Squat Pants are FAKING IT! The Titan is all natural and a beast. Mark Bell is also a beast RAW but spouting out numbers like that about Mark you turn him into a cartoon character.

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