Legal Anavar Alternatives: Top 2 Safe Anavar Pills For Sale

Best Legal Anavar Alternatives: Top 2 Safe Anavar Pills for Sale

best legal anavar alternatives for saleWould you like to gain superhuman strength AND get shredded while you’re at it? If your goal is to burn fat while increasing your strength levels, then congratulations! You’re in the right place! That’s exactly what these legal anavar alternatives were designed to do!

The worst part about burning fat and getting shredded is not how hard it is, it’s not that you have to diet extremely hard and train even harder in the gym.

No, the worst part is that you lose all your strength while in a calorie deficit for a certain period of time.

It’s frustrating and unfair.

That’s EXACTLY where Anavar (Oxandrolone) the steroid steps in. It was designed so that bodybuilders and athletes can get superhuman strength all while aiding fat loss. It’s no secret that it’s a vital part of athlete’s and bodybuilder’s cutting cycles.

But there’s just a couple of problems (or thee or four) with Anavar…..

  • Illegal
  • Nasty side-effects such as being toxic to your liver, acne, nausea and more
  • Hard to buy
  • Extremely expensive

There’s no way you’d ever buy Anavar because of that. You’d have to pay specialists thousands of dollars every week to be working with you around the clock making sure that everything is working like it is supposed to…..


The supplement industry has evolved very fast in the last few years.

A few game changing discoveries have been made by scientist working with premium supplement companies. Few of those premium companies have now their hands on effective, safe and legal anavar alternatives that mimic the strength increase and fat loss effects of anavar but without all the side-effects.

  • Superhuman Strength and Power – You’ve never really felt your true strength potential until you try legal anavar alternatives
  • Reduce Body Fat – They polish your gains and help aid fat loss, especially with your most stubborn fat
  • Preserves Muscle Mass – Now you can keep all your gains when cutting
  • Enhances Vascularity – Get HARD and lean muscles

All this WITHOUT nasty side effects, needles, damaging your liver or needing prescription.

Some people were born with superior genetics. It almost feels like those people were born with a six-pack and superhuman strength. While most people like me and you have to actually work for it.

Legal Anavar alternatives were designed exactly for me and you. They were formulated so we can also gain strength all while shredding away body fat quickly and safely! For me this was the missing link I needed in order to get STRONG and RIPPED muscles.

legal anavar alternatives for sale on the market

Just like their illegal counterparts, they were formulated and designed so that you can increase your strength levels while burning away fat. But unlike their illegal counterparts they achieve these results safely and naturally!

With the right combination and dosages of premium quality natural ingredients, legal anavar alternatives mimic the strength gain and fat loss effects of anavar (Oxandrolone) but leave all the nasty side-effects behind!

The best one’s are able to do that by:

Increase phosphocreatine levels

If you want to increase your strength dramatically while burning away fat, then this is what you need to tell your body to do. By stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis within your muscle tissue you’ll create the environment needed for superhuman strength and fast fat loss.

What happens when your phosphocreatine levels rise is that your body starts producing more ATP.

ATP is the thing that creates energy and strength for your muscles. Without it you’d not be able to lift anything. By creating more ATP you allow your body to tap into new strength levels that you haven’t accessed before. That unlocks “superhuman” strength levels and your body starts using stored fat for energy source.

That results in a STRONG and RIPPED physique.

Increase nitrogen retention

Everyone knows that the foundation for a strong and ripped body is your body’s ability to put protein to good use. Protein is the building blocks for all of the good stuff. Muscle, strength and your fat loss potential.

But what’s the building blocks for your protein?

The answer is nitrogen. If your body has higher nitrogen levels, your body can unlock the true potential of the protein you consume. Once you’ve unlocked that factor, your body starts using the protein better. It increases protein synthesis.

When you’ve increased your protein synthesis, you will get stronger and you’ll lose fat faster than before.

Unlike most of the other muscle building blogs out there, we keep it real with you.

Listen, most guys seem to think that the only real way to get ripped and strong is with synthetic and illegal steroids. That is far from the truth.

Sure, these legal alternatives are obviously not as effective as the synthetic stuff. But that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective either.

In fact, they’re actually really effective.

What we discovered is that these safe anavar alternatives are completely legal bodybuilding supplements that mimic the fat loss and superhuman strength effects you’d get from anavar WITHOUT the side-effects.

What is it that makes a product better than other products?

It’s not the packaging. It’s not a fancy name.

None of that.

What makes a product better than the rest is what’s inside it. It’s the ingredients that make the product good.

Which why this best legal anavar ingredients section is probably the most important one. Before you choose a legal anavar alternative you want to make sure that it contains most of these natural ingredients.

After countless hours spent on research we’ve finally been able to name the top legal anavar ingredients. These ingredients are able to increase phosphocreatine levels, ATP and increase nitrogen levels. Which is what you want your anavar alternative to be able to do so that you can experience the same superhuman strength levels and fat loss effects of Anavar itself.

atp legal anavar ingredientsATP (Adenosine triphosphate) – The thing you want to be looking for if you want to increase your strength levels dramatically. It’s the energy currency for your cells. ATP basically turns on a switch that tells your body it isn’t tired and that it should keep going.

This results in dramatic strength increase and your body has more energy to burn off fat faster.

wild yam root legal anavar ingredientWild Yam Root – A popular fat loss ingredient because of it’s energy increase effects. It gives your body the much needed energy it needs in order to gain strength while also losing fat at the same time. It has also been linked with increased sex drive in both genders as well as help lowering bad cholesterol.

Gives your body more energy so that it can burn more fat and gain strength while you’re at it.

tribulus anvarol ingredientsTribulus Terrestris – Although mostly a testosterone boosting ingredient, it has great strength increasing effects on your body. Also testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for muscle growth, strength increase and leaning out your body.

Helps your body gain strength and use body fat for energy source.

bcaa best anavar for sale on the market nowBCAA – Combination of the best amino acids that has the job of letting your body produce more muscle, strength and aid in fat loss from the protein that you give your body. It makes sure that you maximise your potential. Studies suggest that most parts of the protein you consume goes to waste.

With BCAA you turbocharge your protein absorption which unlocks your true strength, muscle gain and fat loss potential.

Are there any side-effects?

Unlike their illegal counterparts, these legal anavar alternatives are completely safe. As you can see above we’ve only listed natural ingredients. That’s what you want to be looking for. These ingredients are free from all side-effects and have been proven to help you increase strength and polish your muscles for a more ripped look.

These top 2 legal anavar alternatives listed below are 100% legal bodybuilding supplements, manufactured in inspected facilities and do not cause any side-effects such as man-boobs or damaging your liver.

After hundreds of hours and countless of late nights spent on researching hundreds of different ingredients that could mimic the effects of Anavar without the side-effects. We were finally confident enough to start looking for quality legal anavar alternatives and possibly create a list with the top anavar alternatives on the market for you.

After we had worked our way through hundreds of different products, inspecting the ingredients, the dosages of the ingredients and doing a background check on the company behind the products, it came down to these 2 as the best legal anavar alternatives for sale on the market right now.

1. Anvarol by CrazyBulk

anvarol the best legal anavar alternative for sale on the market right now

When researching for legal anavar alternatives Anvarol comes up a lot. Loads and loads of online reviewers simply can not get enough of this product. So naturally we had to find out if the hype was actually being backed up with effective methods or not. What we discovered was shocking.

The good

“I gained superhuman strength and it polished my muscles for a more ripped look” is how customers describe their experience with Anvarol. As soon as we looked at the ingredients we understood why. CrazyBulk never fails to deliver a great product with premium ingredients in generous amounts.

It was formulated with this in mind:

  • Supercharge Strength Levels – You unlock your full strength potential with Anvarol
  • Reduce Stubborn Fat – Polishes your muscles and gives your body that extra edge to look excellent instead of just good
  • Preserves Muscle Mass – Keep all your muscles while you cut down on body fat
  • Improves Muscle Hardness – You become strong, ripped and in form
  • Enhances Vascularity – Lose unnecessary water weight to enhance your muscles
  • Safe & Legal Anavar Alternative – No needles, no prescription, no side-effects

There’s no surprise why Anvarol is able to deliver all of that once you look at the ingredients! It contains 3 out of the 4 best legal anavar ingredients we listed above! Which is super impressive since most other products only contained 1-2 out of the 4 best ingredients.

Anvarol contains ATP, Wild Yam Root and BCAA plus a couple of more very promising one’s. All of which in very generous amounts.

CrazyBulk, the company behind Anvarol, produces a few other popular steroid alternatives so they are able to offer legal steroid stacks! Anvarol is included in two of their most popular stacks:

We didn’t have to look far in order to find authentic and awesome testimonials that back up the CrazyBulk product. The internet just can’t get enough of this product. Here’s an example:


You can see more real testimonials on their official testimonials page.

The drawback

Premium priced is the first thing that comes to mind. If you want to experience superhuman strength and faster fat loss then it won’t come cheap, so the saying “you get what you pay for” is very relevant now. Plus, they’re actually doing a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo at the moment, so if you go for that deal you’ll save money and get better results.

You can’t walk into your local supplement shop and buy it. Anvarol can only be ordered online through CrazyBulk’s official website. However, even though it is a bit inconvenient, it actually saves you a lot of money. As you know retailers need to profit too, so why not just cut them out and pass on the savings to you? They also ship worldwide for free in discreet packaging so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

BroScience verdict

Anvarol by CrazyBulk is by far the best legal anavar alternative on the market right now. All the hype around the product is backed up with thousands of testimonials and clinically proven ingredients.

The only real downside we could find was the price. It’s priced at $54.99 for a 30 day supply. But right now they’re doing a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo. So it really works out at $36.66 per 30 day supply and that almost feels like you’re stealing from them, so much value for a low price!

However, I do not know for how long they’ll be able to offer that outrageous deal so don’t get mad at me if you miss it and have to buy it at the normal price.

In addition to the Buy 2 Get 1 Free you could also go for any of their legal steroid stacks, such as the Cutting Stack or the Strength Stack. That way you can get even faster results and save even more money. (You can also take advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free when you order any stack).

Check out Anvarol at: official CrazyBulk website.

2. A-Max 50 by

a-max 50 legal anavar alternatives

Here’s another great product that came up a lot when doing our legal anavar alternatives research: A-Max 50 by supplement giant

The good

The company behind the product has been around for a while and they say that their products are manufactured with input from IFBB bodybuilders.

It was formulated to:

  • Increase muscle gains
  • HGH production increase
  • Increase testosterone levels

They offer a 90 day money back guarantee which is always very welcome. Contains 1 out of the 4 best legal anavar ingredients. Which is Tribulus Terrestris.

The drawback

Priced at $79.99 per one month supply.

Is missing most of our favorite legal anavar ingredients. But does a great job making up for it with other promising ingredients.

You can only order from their official website.

BroScience verdict

Overall a good product and does deserve to be on this top list. Out of the hundreds of bad supplements we came across when doing our research, 2nd place is actually really great achievement to be honest.

However, it was lacking many of our favorite ingredients such as ATP, Wild Yam Root and BCAA.

You can learn more about them at: official A-Max 50 website.

Other alternatives

These weren’t the only supplements we came across that were marketed as “legal anavar alternatives”. But unfortunately were most of them using sketchy and unethical marketing tricks.

Most of the other brands we came across were trying to trick potential buyers into thinking it was actually the illegal anavar. But when we took a closer look at the ingredients it clearly wasn’t.

We can not tolerate these kind of things, which is why we won’t even mention their name’s. These companies should be ashamed of themselves.

There are extremely good products out there such Anvarol by CrazyBulk and they don’t deserve the bad reputation that these other companies could create.

There are excellent legal anavar alternatives out there and there are also bad one’s. If you want to experience the superhuman strength and the faster fat loss you’d get from anavar the steroid but you want to do it without the risk and the side-effects. Then only go for premium quality products such as Anvarol by CrazyBulk or A-Max 50 by HGH.

Overall conclusion

Anvarol by CrazyBulk is by far the best legal anavar alternative for sale on the market right now. After hundreds of hours and late nights spent on research and with all the previous happy customers backing up the product, it’s a no-brainer. Anvarol is the #1 anavar alternative on the market.

It contains all the ingredients you want to be looking for:

  • ATP
  • Wild Yam Root
  • BCAA

Plus a couple of more promising one’s.

Anvarol is also included in many of the more popular legal steroid stacks such as the Cutting Stack and the Strength Stack.

If you want to unlock your true strength potential and get ripped muscles, while also getting rid of body-fat with a safe and legal anavar alternative, then Anvarol could be a great addition to your diet and training program.

FAQ – Anvarol

Hopefully we’ve answered all of your questions about legal anavar alternatives in this article. But just in case you need some more answers you can check out this frequently asked questions sections or you can always get in touch with us through our Facebook page or e-mail.

Q: How quickly can you see gains with these legal anavar alternatives?

A: I want to make on thing very clear. There are no magic pills out there. If you don’t train hard and eat right you won’t get any results. With that being said most guys start to see huge improvements pretty fast.

It takes time for your body to start being able to use the ingredients properly, after the first weeks of taking it, it starts to turbocharge the effects of the product. The longer you stay on it the more and better results you will get.

That’s why it’s recommended to take it for at least 8 weeks. But most people start to see huge improvements in the first 4 weeks.

Q: Can women take Anvarol?

A: Yes, Anvarol is suitable for both men and women. It’s popular amongst both.

Q: How to take it?

A: Take three (3) tablets daily with water 15 minutes after your workout for 8 weeks. On non training days take 1 with each of your 3 main meals per day, so 3 total as well.

Q: Are these legal anavar alternatives really legal?

A: Yes, absolutely. Let me be very very extremely clear. These products are NOT actually steroids. They’re natural bodybuilding supplements with natural ingredients formulated in approved facilities.

Q: Is Anavar legal?

A: Anavar the steroid is NOT legal. It’s banned by the FDA.

That’s why we recommend the LEGAL ANAVAR ALTERNATIVES listed above. They’re safe, legal bodybuilding supplements and are also really effective at increasing strength levels and polishing your muscles

Q: Where to buy safe legal anavar alternatives?

A: You should buy it online from any of the top 2 legal alternatives we listed above.

Anvarol by CrazyBulk was our top choice because it contained good ingredients and backed it up with loads of great testimonials.

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