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Lee Priest Strict Curled 221 Lbs When he was 48 years old

Bodybuilder Lee Priest, who is now 49-years old, competed in bodybuilding at the highest level.

Lee Priest managed to get 6th place three times in Mr. Olympia; however, one of them could have been 5th place, as he claims.

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Lee was a short bodybuilder 5’4 (163 cm) who still managed to win some of the bigger guys, which earned him the nickname “Giant Killer.”

Lee always had great arms; it was one of his strengths; those arms are still packed with power despite being almost 50-years old.

Lee competed over 50-times in bodybuilding in his competitive career, and it wasn’t that long ago since he last competed.

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His last competition was in 2013, the NABBA Mr. Universe, where he got 1st place.

Even though Lee is retired from competitive bodybuilding, he still trains hard and keeps himself in decent shape.

Lee also posts videos on youtube giving no bullshit advice to his fans and lifters worldwide.

When Lee was younger, he was powerful and could have been a powerlifting champion if he’d wanted to.

However, Lee wasn’t interested in powerlifting and focused solely on bodybuilding.

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Around a year ago, Lee proves that he still has some strength by strict curling 221 lbs (100 kg). The world record strict curl is 113 kg (249 lbs).

Lee explains that he did this lift after suffering injuries and a pinched nerve.

There are probably some older stronger people than me but considering my injuries and stuff, pinched nerve and a weaker arm. I don’t feel bad for a 221 lbs curl that I haven’t done in ages, I’m glad it was just the one rep.

Lee Priest Strict Curls 221 Lbs for one rep at 48-years old

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