Lee Priest How To Do Bodybuilding Squats For Size

Lee Priest How To Do Bodybuilding Squats For Size

Lee Priest is a former competitive bodybuilder that made several Mr. Olympia appearances in his competitive career.

Lee is a short guy, and even though he is short, he was one of the best bodybuilders in the world; he even won Ronnie Coleman 5 times in one year.

In 1997 he beat the legendary Ronnie Coleman five times.

Lee never managed to win the Olympia, but he placed 6th three times at that show.

With his incredible physique, Lee competed over 50 times in his bodybuilding career and was considered one of the top guys in the sport in his prime.

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Now Lee is no longer competing in bodybuilding; however, he still trains hard to keep himself in shape.

He frequently answers questions from fans on Youtube, where he gets mostly asked about diet, training, and anything bodybuilding-related.

It seems like Lee always has the perfect answer for every problem, and he shares his no-bullshit advice with his fans.

What’s good about Lee is that he is honest about everything he gets asked; he doesn’t sugarcoat things and tells them how it is.

With his honesty, Lee can give great advice valuable to his viewers.

In a recent video, Lee explains how to perform the squat correctly for bodybuilding, meaning how you can pack on mass in the legs using the squat.

Back in the day, Lee says he used to squat seven plates in the squat for reps, even though he changed it up frequently that was his max rep weight.

Squats are one of those things, when I was younger I used to get up to 7 plates a side doing 6-8 reps, and sometimes when I did them with Tom Platz we might go anywhere from 3-5 plates but for 20 reps. On occasion, I would do crazy things like 2 plates a side for 100 reps. The thing with legs is they are very responsive to heavyweights, low reps, and then if you want to have a break from that which you should do because going heavy on the squats every time does affect your knees and back a lot, so it’s good to change it up and go to the lighter weight and more reps, trust me even doing the lighter weight for more reps your legs will still grow.

Lee Priest Explaining How To Do Bodybuilding Squats (video)

Watch Lee Priest explain the fundamentals you have to keep in mind when doing squats for bodybuilding.

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