Lee Priest Forearm Workout and Tricks

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Lee Priest, a renowned former competitive bodybuilder, has always been a figure of awe in the bodybuilding community, chiefly due to his prodigious arm and forearm size.

Despite advancing to the age of 50 and having retired from professional bodybuilding, Lee continues to flaunt his staggering forearms and arm size, much to the amazement and speculation of many.

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While some skeptics might attribute his forearm size to photoshop in pictures, the reality couldn’t be farther from this.

Lee’s insane forearm development is a combination of genetic predisposition and strategic training over the years.

His large hands and pronounced musculature even extend into his enormous hands, making his forearms appear even more intimidating.

Lee priest big hand

In an elucidative video, Lee peeled back the curtain on his forearm training routine, surprising many by revealing the role of genetics and his actual training regimen for this muscle group.

Below we delve into Lee Priest’s approach to training forearms, the exercise he recommends, and the philosophy behind his forearm training regimen.

Genetic Foundation and Forearm Development

Lee attributes a significant portion of his forearm development to his genetic makeup. He shares,

“In all seriousness, I’ve never trained them, yes for videos and the old Flex magazines, MD magazines, and photoshoots, and in videos I’ve done them, but if you listen you will always hear me say, if I was going to train them, this is what I would do because I’ve always just been like this, my mother had good forearms, my grandfather had good forearms.

This genetic foundation provided Lee with a robust base for forearm development, but his training further amplified this natural advantage.

Accidental Training through Compound Movements

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Lee mentions that his forearms got a robust workout inadvertently through other exercises,

“it’s good and it’s bad because if I was doing back or any other type of exercise my forearms would always give out before my back did, whatever I did my forearms always got a good workout.”

The indirect training his forearms received during these compound movements contributed to their size and strength.

Lee Priest Targeted Exercises for Forearm Training

lee priest forearm training

Although Lee did not have a specific regimen for forearms, he outlined a few exercises he would employ if he were to train them:

  1. Wrist Rolls: Lee mentions wrist rolls as a primary exercise he would use to target his forearms.
  2. Hammer Usage: Lee suggests utilizing a hammer at home, holding it and rotating it back and forth using the wrist to target the forearm muscles.
  3. Hammer Curls: Hammer curls are excellent for hitting both the biceps and forearms, according to Lee.
  4. Cable Hammer Curls with Rope: By using a rope, one can target a different part of the forearm muscles, explains Lee.
  5. Reverse Barbell Curls: Another exercise Lee recommends for forearm development.
  6. Wrist Curls: Lee also mentions wrist curls as a viable exercise to specifically target the forearms.

Training Philosophy for Forearm Development

Lee’s training philosophy for forearms revolves around pushing the muscles to complete exhaustion rather than counting reps.

He emphasizes the importance of totally fatiguing the muscle and burning them out until there’s nothing left.

This, according to him, is the essence of effective forearm training.

Lee Priest has graciously shared what would be his secret to developing monstrous forearms, albeit underlining the significant role genetics play in this aspect of his physique.

By following a regimen that incorporates some or all of the exercises Lee mentions, alongside adopting his philosophy of pushing the muscles to their absolute limit, individuals can hope to achieve a fraction of the forearm development that Lee Priest boasts even in his retirement years.

Lee Priest Discussing Forearm Training Video

Learn more about Lee Priests forearm workout and tricks by watching the video below where he talks about how you can grow monster forearm muscles.

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