Lee Priest Fires Shots At Bostin Loyd: "All Those Drugs And He Still Looks Like S**t"

Lee Priest Fires Shots At Bostin Loyd: “All Those Drugs And He Still Looks Like S**t”


Lee Priest… Considered a living legend for many, and a fountain of knowledge for many more, it’s fair to say he knows what he’s talking about! Recently, Lee has made it a habit of taking to the internet and laying down what he thinks, with no sugar coating at all! No BS – Just 100% real talk, and when the topic of Bostin Loyd was brought up, it was no different!


If you don’t know who Bostin is, firstly, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? And secondly, he’s basically the modern day poster boy for steroid use! He’s a bodybuilder and YouTuber and is extremely open about his steroid use, and is himself not afraid of a bit of controversy and speaking his mind!

Some see Bostin’s open use of steroids as a way of promoting steroids in a very bad way… They see that Bostin has many many many fans on the internet, and some will obviously aspire to look like him and so will follow his suit and head to the dark side (use steroids).


Many feel that Bostin uses steroids extremely excessively and doesn’t practice the safest use of them, which could lead to kids and fans copying him and doing themselves some serious damage! Lee takes no second thought in voicing his thoughts on Bostin’s practices, even firing shots with, “For all those drugs, that’s the best you look…?” and “If Bodybuilding’s all drugs, those ones aren’t working for ya…“.

Lee also approaches Bostin from the angle in regards to his fans, and the consequences that could occur from Bostin’s actions…


Sadly, there are kids out there who are going to watch that and follow it and do it and it’s just stupid.” – Lee Preist

“Sadly, that’s what bodybuilding is becoming now. Videos, and the internet, and people follow them…” – Lee Preist

See Lee’s full rant about Bostin below! He does not hold back!

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