Lee Priest Discusses The Best Supplements For Bodybuilding

Lee Priest Discusses The Best Supplements For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilder Lee Priest competed at the highest level in bodybuilding as a competitive bodybuilder.

Lee made six Mr. Olympia appearances and Mr. Olympia is considered the most prestigious bodybuilding show in the world.

In Mr. Olympia Lee managed to get top 6 twice and he also competed in many other bodybuilding shows.

In 1997 Lee Priest managed to win arguably the best bodybuilder ever Ronnie Coleman five times in one year including Mr. Olympia.

Lee was known as the giant killer as he was a short bodybuilder but was able to beat guys that were much taller and bigger than him.

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In his bodybuilding career, Lee competed over 50 times and is considered one of the top bodybuilders in history.

Even though Lee is now retired from competitive bodybuilding and is 50 years old he still did a transformation recently.

After his transformation, Lee talked about supplements and what supplements he used to help transform his physique.

What’s great about Lee is that he is open and honest with everything and he doesn’t complicate things too much.

Lee says the best supplements are simply food and protein powder:

Just for overall muscle gain, it would be food and protein powder, that’s really it. You can take aminos and stuff but if you are eating enough quality food, you don’t need a lot of aminos and stuff but just a good protein powder if you can get it, but just food as far as muscle gain goes that’s going to come to genetics for one. You can eat all the proper food and take all the steroids in the world but if you are not genetically gifted, you are not going to build muscle, and then I’ve been lucky I have been able to hold on to muscle and keep muscle even if I don’t eat a lot. So I’d say a good protein source and just food in general coverrr all your basis whether it be carbs, from vegetables as well as rice and all the other stuff, pasta and then just protein steak, fish, chicken, turkey but sometimes when you can’t get good food just get a protein drink and something.

Lee Priest Discusses The Best Supplements For Bodybuilding (video)

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