Leanmode Review – Does This Average 5 Ingredient Formula Work fast?

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leanmode fat burner

Lean Mode is ranked 7th out of 8 fat burners ; See complete list here


  • Contains proven ingredients
  • No proprietary blend
  • Lacks energy boosters
  • Missing some key ingredients

This Leanmode review will get down to the secrets behind this increasingly popular fat burner! Is it among the serious players or is it best consigned to the substitutes’ bench?
Let me say this:
Trying to hit our weight loss targets is a tough game.
You’re with me on that, yeah?
After taking care of the diet and starting to increase our activity, the pounds do start to fall off. But then it always seems that the speed of this weight loss either drops dramatically or stops completely.
It seems that’s just how it is.
Well, there can be a simple solution!

Women using fat burners have seen their weight loss kick started again! No more levelling out! The fat keeps shedding while using these fantastic supplements.

But all fat burners are not created equal!
In this Leanmode review, I will delve deep into the workings of this fat burner, what it contains, and how it works.
The best thing:
You will discover whether this is a fat burner worth your hard-earned bucks!
Off we go!

Quick Summary of This Leanmode Review

leanmode review bottle
Here’s some brief detail:
Leanmode is made by Evlution Nutrition, based in Florida, US. With a clean, professional website and numerous supplements available, it’s a company with a good reputation.
Get this:
Leanmode is a fat burner which can be taken either by male or females, but it’s predominantly aimed at the latter.
It’s available in both capsule and lean mode powder form and comes in 5 flavors to make it more palatable!
This fat burning supplement advertises that it will:
Boost the metabolism to burn fat
Control food cravings by suppressing the appetite
Improve mood
Raise energy levels
Here’s something interesting:
Leanmode claims it contains no stimulants at all, meaning that you will not suffer from unwanted ‘jitters’ or interrupted sleep.
Without stimulants, it will be interesting to see how it will boost energy levels, as it claims!

Leanmode Review – Does It Work?

Remember at the beginning of this Leanmode review, I stated that women are seeing incredible effects from fat burners?
Well, it’s all true!
The best supplements in the weight loss market enable you to drop pounds easily!
Packed full of scientifically proven ingredients, these fat burners take shedding the excess weight simple!
Will Leanmode prove to be up there with the top fat burners on the market?
Keep reading to find out!

Leanmode Review – Who Is It For?

I have already mentioned in this Leanmode review that the best fat burners are awesome.
But that doesn’t mean they are right for everyone!
Leanmode is targeted at women looking for:
More energy to work and play hard
A massive boost to their weight loss plan
A way to prevent in-between meal snacking
Fat losses but muscle protection
A kick start to shed the fat
Further assistance in their dieting and exercise regime
Let me be serious for a second:
Whether taking Leanmode or another fat burner, you still need to watch the diet and get some damn exercise!
Popping a pill and just waiting for some incredible weight loss magic to occur is totally ineffective.
But there’s good news too:
Eat sensibly, exercise, and take a proven and effective fat burner, and you’ll see results that will blow your mind!
Fat burners are very much like a reward for your hard work! The more effort you put in, the more they give back!
So, still sure that fat burners are right for you?
Excellent! Let’s crack on in this Leanmode review and see how it works!

Leanmode – How Does It Work?

Leanmode claims that its weight loss process works in 4 main ways:

Increases Metabolic Rate

The formulation of Leanmode includes ingredients that are designed to raise the internal temperature of the body.
But don’t get concerned!
You’re not going to be sat there in a pool of sweat with the A/C on full power!
This all happens internally, and you will notice no difference.
Here’s the key:
Raising the internal body temperature increases the basal metabolic rate. In essence, your bodily processes go into absolute overdrive! 1
But this crazy metabolism needs some kind of fuel to power it.
The bottom line:
Increasing BMR burns your fat as fuel, meaning that weight is lost, whether during rest or exercise!

Improves Mood and Energy

Let’s face facts:
Whatever gloss you want to put on it, striving to lose weight is never much fun is it?
Cutting back the calories while exercising hard can pile on a lot of stress, leaving you feeling hungry, tired, and irritable.
Here’s the issue:
Feeling like this can make you want to say to hell with the diet – and find yourself something incredible from the fridge!
Well, here’s the answer:
Leanmode ingredients are designed to improve mood and raise energy levels. In doing so, you are more likely to power through the low times, exercise more, and generally feel awesome!
Which means:
The diet does not go out of the window and the energy increases allow you to be more active and burn the fat!

Suppresses the Appetite

leanmode review food
As I mentioned earlier in this Leanmode review, cutting back on food is tough.
If only there was a way to alleviate those cravings!
Well, hear this!
Leanmode claims that some of its ingredients will prevent those hunger pangs from taking hold!
By using ingredients proven to suppress the appetite, there is less likelihood of a guilty pleasure hitting your mouth!
Which means:
No unplanned calories to ruin your weight loss regime!

Inhibits Fat Creation

I know it sounds like a pipe dream, but trust me, there are ingredients that can do this!
By using ingredients that can prevent fat from being created, carbohydrates and sugars are utilized for energy, not for piling on the pounds around the waist!
But a word of warning:
That’s not a license to go out and eat whatever you want! Fat burners are great, but they’re not miracle workers!
Ok, listen:
I have already explained in this Leanmode review how it claims to work.
But here’s the killer question:
Does Leanmode have the ingredients to back up these claims?
Let’s see!

Leanmode Ingredients

This is the real meat of this Leanmode review!
The ingredients determine whether it’s a champion fat burner or just a contender!
Before I get into the detail, let me say something:
Leanmode contains only 5 ingredients. That’s really low for a weight loss supplement. It also appears that it is lacking some real awesome proven fat burners.
leanmode review ingredients
Let me break it down:

Garcinia Cambogia

It’s a good start!
Also known as Malabar tamarind, Garcinia Cambogia is a popular ingredient found in many Indian curries.
But don’t just think it’s all about the flavor.
This ingredient is an awesome inclusion to have in any fat burner. It is proven to:
Inhibit fat creation – Garcinia Cambogia inhibits citrate lyase, the enzyme responsible for turning carbohydrates into fat 2
Suppress the appetite – it boosts serotonin levels which promotes a feeling of satiety 3 4
Burn fat – through thermogenics raise BMR 5

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Found in beef (and a few plants), Leanmode claims that it raises energy levels and boosts the metabolism.
It’s true that some studies have discovered it can promote weight loss in animals.
Here’s the downer:
Many studies on humans have shown that it has no effect at all in reducing weight. One recent trial did produce positive results for fat loss, but the result was so small it’s not worth considering. 6
I have found no evidence for this Leanmode review that it works as an effective energy booster.

Green Tea

This is a class ingredient!
Green tea is packed full of antioxidants, making it a really healthy choice of drink!
But its fat-burning power in this supplement should not be underestimated.
Here are the amazing effects it has:
Boosts metabolism – burning the fat
Works as an appetite suppressant
Raises fat oxidation – fat cells break down and can be expelled from the body easily! 7
That’s why it’s great to see that it’s included in Leanmode.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

The best word to describe this ingredient is ‘average’.
Some studies have shown that it can work to increase energy levels slightly, which is positive.
The fat loss results are interesting though.
Recent trials have proven that, although supplementing with acetyl, l-carnitine has some fat burning results in the short term. However, its efficacy rapidly drops after that. 8
To me, it’s a wasted opportunity!

leanmode review mix

Why not replace this ingredient with one that is proven to perform in the long term? There are so many amazing fat burners that could have been included instead.

Green Coffee

Green coffee helps boost the metabolism making you burn off more calories throughout the day.

 Ingredients Breakdown

Here’s the good news in this Leanmode review:
Two ingredients, garcinia Cambogia and green tea are real serious fat burning ingredients. I would expect to see these included in any genuine weight loss supplement.
And now the bad news:
With just two burners included, out of what is already a formulation lacking in ingredients, it’s somewhat unimpressive.

It really is missing some key scientifically proven weight loss elements. I want to be seeing glucomannan, raspberry ketones, turmeric and cayenne thrown into the formulation.

Then it would be pushed to the top of the pile.

Leanmode – What Do Leanmode Reviews Say?

The bottom line in any review is:
What results are customers seeing?
Well, I’ve saved you the time by searching on your behalf! This is what customers are saying about this fat burner:
“It’s perfect to lose fat!”
Jessica Borges
“I have been taking this for only two weeks and lost 10 pounds along with diet and exercise!”
“after taking it for a week and 3 days I’m feeling hungry
No positive effect what so ever, this product actually made me feel hungry.”
“Did absolutely nothing. Had no boost in energy, weight loss increase
“I don’t feel energized or feel like I’ve lost any weight. Has so far not worked for me.”

Leanmode Review – Does It Work?

I’ll start by saying this:
Despite containing a couple of real genuine fat burning ingredients, this formulation lacks any power.
With just 5 ingredients, it’s a hard task for this supplement to compete with the real players.
There’s more:
It’s a shame that the rest of the formulation doesn’t include amazing burners, such as glucomannan, turmeric, or cayenne.
Lean mode powder vs capsules yields the same disappointing formulation.
Customer testimonials are pretty unimpressive overall.
The bottom line:
Forget about Leanmode. Choose a fat burner that contains the proven ingredients I mentioned earlier.
Do this and you will be on your way to that awesome body you deserve!


“Leanmode Side Effects?”

Containing only natural ingredients, Leanmode is unlikely to have any unpleasant effects.
For this Leanmode review, I searched testimonials to see if any were reported, but without success.

“Where to Buy Leanmode?”

Leanmode is available from the official Evlution website, Lean mode Amazon, iHerb, Lean mode Walmart and Leanmode GNC.

“How Do I Take Leanmode?”

When taking the pill form, take 3 capsules, 1-2 times daily 30 minutes before meals.
For the powder, mix 1 scoop with 12 oz of water and take twice daily.

“What’s Better Than Leanmode?”

If you were to do a Lean mode vs Hydroxycut or Lean mode vs Trans4orm comparison, you would probably find they are pretty matched for efficacy. The Trans4orm reviews are equally unimpressive.



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