The Latest Synthol Freak Nearly Cries When A Woman Laughs At His Physique

The Latest Synthol Freak Nearly Cries When A Woman Laughs At His Physique

Synthol –  The word on everyone’s lips at the moment…

Of late synthol has been everywhere in the media! Now synthol is nothing new, but of late it’s been becoming more and more common for people to truly abuse the substance! Some individuals abusing it to the point that their life is at risk!! And this guy is definitely one of them!!

For those of you who don’t know, snythol is basically a primarily oil based liquid that is injected into the muscle, however it yields no muscle building benefits, it only give the appearance of bigger muscles by the oil actually sitting in the muscle itself. Some bodybuilders use it to bring up their weak points to on par with the rest of their physique… Bostin Loyd is a good example of this! As shown below…

But then there’s this guy… Valdir Segato… that truly abuses the stuff!

Seriously though! What on earth makes him that that this looks good?!?!?!?! There must be a point where he realises he looks ridiculous! But eyyy, each to their own I guess! Everyone’s idea of perfect is different I guess!!

Maybe when the girl in the video told him what she thought of his muscles he realised, “daaaayum, I done f*cked uuuup!“… Either way, I’m not sure if it was HILARIOUS or just plain PAINFUL to watch! Nearly left the poor guy in tears! Check it out for yourself:



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