Larry Wheels Tears Bicep After Dumb Strongman Training?

Larry Wheels Tears Bicep After Dumb Strongman Training?

In our last 2 articles, we gave you a glimpse at Larry Wheels’ insane maximum strength capabilities, as compared to his instagram rival- Brad Castleberry.

We also took a brief look at Larry’s life story and how he got to the decision of using performance enhancing drugs.

If you haven’t checked that article yet, click HERE.

Anyways, we are well aware that demanding so much of the human body sometimes leads to negative side effects.

In this case, Larry recently tore his biceps during strongman training, as you can see in his instagram post below.

All about the mindset

Note that Larry Wheels keeps his spirit high and is not really discouraged about his career.

Furthermore, he is even more motivated to come back stronger, as he will be working around his injury.

As of now, Larry will be visiting a doctor to determine the severity of his biceps tear and decide what to do.

Larry is well aware that every high-end athlete is always at a risk of injury.

That is why he is conscious about proper recovery, after such things happen.

Check out the video below, where Larry Wheels explains in depth how he deals with his injuries



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