Larry Wheels Teaches A Young Man How To Lift

Larry Wheels Teaches A Young Man How To Lift

Larry Wheels is no stranger to lifting heavy things; in fact, he is one of the top powerlifters in the world.

Larry, who has competed in several powerlifting competitions, has become famous for his insane strength.

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In his powerlifting career, Larry has been able to lift some impressive weights, including a:

  • 644.9 lbs bench press
  • 810 lbs squat
  • 855 lbs for three reps

Larry has become famous and has amassed almost 3 million followers on his Instagram and over 2. Million of followers on his YouTube channel.

Larry’s content on his pages is usually him lifting some heavyweights, giving tips and advice on becoming stronger.

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In a recent video, Larry Wheels trains a young man who is a famous singer, and his name Abdu Rozik; even though Abdu looks like a kid, he is still 18-years old and has some condition that prevents him from growing.

In the video, Larry Wheels teaches Abdu how to squat, deadlift, and bench press; Abdu does these lifts for the first time.

Abdu Rozik is from Tajikistan and has gained fame for his rap verses in his native language.

Abdu has become famous and has over 2. Million of followers on his Instagram page.

Larry Wheels Teaches Abdu Rozik How To Lift

Watch the video below where Larry Wheels teaches Abdu how to bench press, squat, and deadlift with proper form.

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Abdu is 18-years old and hasn’t done these movements before.

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