Kevin Levrone's Insane Schedule For The Olympia - Training 5-6 Hours Per Day

Kevin Levrone’s Insane Schedule For The Olympia – Training 5-6 Hours Per Day

Kevin Levrone “The Maryland Muscle Machine” is making an epic comeback to the Olympia stage.

Many people think it’s easy to be a bodybuilder and often times say “he just uses steroids to get this big”

A lot of people do not realise what goes into the sport.

As Kevin describes his gruelling daily schedule preparing for the Olympia:

  • 1 Hour cardio sometimes 2x per day
  • 1,5 Hour lifting session
  • Another 2 hour lifting session

This comes down to 5,5 hours of some kind of training each day.

Not to mention that pro bodybuilders push themselves much harder in the gym than the average lifter.

Also he eats every 2,5 hours which comes down to about 6-7 meals per day.

This is definitely not something the average person does and the work behind his physique is incredible.

Hopefully Kevin will able to bring his best ever physique to the stage.

Watch the video below were Kevin shares his daily routine.


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